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Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization


Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization ( SPARRSO for short ) is an organization under the Ministry of Defense  Government of Bangladesh . It is located in Agargaon , Dhaka city . It was established in 1980. The center plays an important role in forecasting cyclones and other natural disasters in Bangladesh . The company is conducting land surveys using artificial satellites called LANDSAT and NOA . Satellite imagery in Bangladesh is supervised by Sparso.


Bangladesh began using space technology in 1966 with the establishment of the Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) ground station at the East Pakistan Atomic Energy Center. After the independence of Bangladesh, the government adopted a project called Bangladesh ERTS Program to use this technology in natural resource survey, environment, disaster monitoring and management of the country. Following the success of this project, the Bangladesh Landsat Program (BLP) was included in the Five Year Plan in 1975. In 1980, the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission's Space and Atmospheric Research Center (SARC) and BLP merged to form the Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Institute.Is formed. The Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Institute (SPARSO) was reconstituted by Act No. 29 of 1991 by the Parliament of Bangladesh as a step towards optimal use of space science and remote sensing technology and research on this technology, its proper application and expansion .


The functions of the organization are as follows:  

(A) Peaceful use of space and remote sensing technology in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, geology, mapping, water resources, land use, weather, environment, geography, oceans, science, education and other fields of knowledge and science. Conduct research work for development and practical application;

(B) to inform the Government and various agencies of the results of the aforesaid research work and to disseminate information thereon;

(C) to inform the government of the policies of different countries regarding space and remote sensing technology and to give advice on setting policy of the government in this regard;

(D) to arrange for surveys, surveys, training and technical research on space and remote sensing technology and to co-operate with any other domestic, foreign or international organization or organization in such matters;

(E) formulate projects for conducting research on space and remote sensing technologies and, with the prior approval of the Government, implement them;

(F) To take any step necessary for the performance of the above functions


Sparso has the following divisions and branches:

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Water Resources
  3. Forest Department
  4. Department of Geology
  5. Department of Fisheries
  6. Department of Oceanography
  7. Department of Mechanical and Data Processing
  8. Ground Station Division
  9. Photographic section
  10. Mapping department
  11. Department of Atmospheric Research
  12. Department of Agro and Hydrometeorology


  • Administration and Establishment Branch
  • Accounting and Budget Branch
  • Information Branch
  • Library
  • Repository and collection branch
  • Security Branch

Notable work 

Bangabandhu-1 is the first artificial satellite project in Bangladesh. It weighs 1,300 kg (2,900 lb) and has a capacity of 1,800 watts. It has been implemented by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The cost of its launch is 3 thousand 243 crore. Of this, the Bangladesh government borrowed Tk 1,555 crore from its own funds and the remaining Tk 1,08 crore from foreign companies. Exim Bank USA, HSBC France, Japan Bank of International, CWG Gulf International of UK and China Great Wall Industry Corporation Has given loan for this project. The duration of this project in DPP was June 2016. The Space Research and Remote Sensing Center (SPARSO) and the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission have worked for this.

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