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Israel-Bangladesh relations



Bangladesh Passport is applicable to all countries of the world except Israel

Bangladesh does not recognize Israel as a moral state and Bangladeshi nationals are officially banned from traveling to Israel. Bangladesh passport is valid for travel to all countries of the world except Israel.  In November 2003, Bangladeshi journalist Saleh Chowdhury was sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to enter Israel.Bangladesh supports a sovereign Palestinian state and demands an end to Israel's "illegal occupation of Palestine.

মানচিত্র Israel এবং Bangladesh অবস্থান নির্দেশ করছে


Bangladesh is the only country in the world that has banned all forms of direct and indirect trade with Israel, although both are members of the World Trade Organization

According to a 2014 survey, goods worth ৭৭ 256 were exported from Bangladesh to Israel in the 2013-2014 fiscal year, despite having no diplomatic or trade relations.

Bangladesh Liberation War 

Israel is one of the first countries to recognize Bangladesh in the aftermath of Bangladesh's war of independence .Israel recognized Bangladesh even before the Arab countries recognized it.The Israeli government and Israeli citizens all supported Bangladesh in its war of independence. In the post-independence period, Israel formally recognized the newly independent Bangladesh, which the Bangladesh government neutrally rejected.

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