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Institute of Architects Bangladesh


 Institute of Architects Bangladesh  a professional organization of architects working in BangladeshArchitect Mazharul Islam was the founding president. Anyone with a bachelor's degree in architecture can apply for membership in this organization. The organization works with various organizations and institutions of the Government of Bangladesh to improve the quality of architecture in Bangladesh.

Any new building or building to be constructed in the area covered by RAJUK and CDA must be designed by the member architects of this organization.


Bangladesh Architects Institute was established on 25 February 1972 in Dhaka. Architectural practice was very limited in Bangladesh during the pre-independence period. During the war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971, various buildings and structures were damaged and the importance of architecture in the multi-faceted development of the new post-war state continued to grow. Therefore, within 3 months of the victory, the Institute of Architects was established at the initiative of contemporary senior architects to play a leading role in the development of infrastructure in the war-torn country and to create a conducive environment for the new generation to practice architecture. Architect Mazharul Islam was the founding president of the organization.



Graduate architects from various government and private universities in Bangladesh can be members of this organization. At present there are about three thousand architect members. The participation of architects in various socio-cultural issues is increasing through this organization. Apart from Dem, members also participate as representatives of this organization on various occasions.


The organization has three stages of membership based on professional experience,

  • Candidate member
  • Member
  • Member at least 6 years experience.
  • Fellow member with at least 30 years of experience

There is also a category for students called Student Member

President of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh 

  1. Architect Mazharul Islam (deceased) 
  2. Architect SHM Bashar (deceased)  
  3. Architect M.A. Muktadir  
  4. Architect Shah Alam Zahiruddin 
  5. Architect Mahbub Haque  
  6. Architect Rabiul Hossain  
  7. Architect Shamsul Wares 
  8. Architect Khadem Ali  
  9. Architect Arif Hossain (current)  
  10. Architect Mobashbir Hossain  
  11. Architect Abu Saeed M Ahmed  
  12. Architect Kazi Golam Nasir  
  13. Architect Jalal Ahmed 

3 rd Executive Council (20192020) 

1. Architect Jalal Ahmed 

2. Architect Mamnoon Morshed Chowdhury (Vice President)

3. Architect Ehsan Khan (Vice President)

4. Architect Nawazish Mahbub (General Secretary)

5. Architect Nabi Newaz Khan (Co-General Secretary)

6. Architect M, Masood Ur Rashid (Treasurer)

7. Architect Mohammad Arefin Ibrahim (Education Secretary)

8. Architect Bayazid Mahmud Khandaker (Occupational Affairs Secretary)

9. Architect Tofail Md. Sarwar (Membership Secretary)

10. Architect Sheikh Itmam Saud (Publications and Publicity Secretary)

11. Architect Md. Tawfiqur Rahman Khan (Seminar and Program Secretary)

12. Architect Mohammad Sajjad Hossain (Heritage and Culture Secretary) A

13. Architect Dr. Farida Nilufar (Environment and Urbanization Secretary)

14. Architect Nazmul Latif (President Chittagong Chapter)

15. Architect Kazi Goram Nasir (former President)

International affiliation 

institute of architects bangladesh dhaka
institute of architects bangladesh (iab)

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