Thursday, 3 December 2020

Diabetic Association of Bangladesh


Bangladesh Diabetic Association is a non-profit medical organization in Bangladesh. It is located in Dhaka , the capital of Bangladesh. Professor AK Azad Khan is the current president of the association. It is called Badas for short.


Badas was established in 1958 in East Pakistan by Muhammad Ibrahim , the National Professor of Bangladesh . The organization started in the teak garden as an outdoor clinic. In 1960 , it established the Birdem Hospital, a specialist research hospital for diabetics . The organization is a regional affiliate of the World Health Organization. It has a presence of more than 60 local centers. It raises awareness about diabetes patients and provides treatment advice and screening.


DAB is the World Health Organization's regional collaborating center for diabetes research in Southeast Asia. The hospital serves about 300 outpatients every day. About 310 doctors, 181 paramedics and 523 nurses are associated with this organization. Bangladesh Research and Rehabilitation Institute has been established to create skilled manpower for the treatment of diabetic patients. Bardem conducts specialized postgraduate courses for obtaining diplomas and degrees like MPhil, MD, PhD, and MS in various medical and health sciences departments under the postgraduate faculty of Dhaka University. Baradam, controlled by Badas, has 42 branches at the district level in Bangladesh.

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