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Bangladeshi Cyclists


 Bangladeshi Cyclists  is a Bangladeshi cycling organization. Mozammel Haque and his friends founded the organization in May 2011. It is currently one of the leading cycling communities in Bangladesh.


The main objective of BDcyclists is to popularize cycling, especially in Dhaka city as a means of transportation to prevent pollution and traffic congestion.  The motto of this organization is cycling for pleasure, recreation and good health . The members of the organization think that it can be an effective way to reduce traffic congestion by bicycle.BDcyclists promote safe cycling by mandating the use of safety gears such as helmets on all their rides.


This organization organizes various entertainment every week called Bike Friday, BDC Knight Riders, Jasila Saturday.  About 250 cyclists take part in bike rides on Fridays. The group also hosts Critical Mass Events. Critical Mass is a cycling event that is held every month in 300 cities around the world.In addition to its weekly cycling programs, the organization celebrates national days such as Independence Day , Pohela Boishakh  and Victory Day.Organized bicycle rides. The organization also has regular organizational and social activities such as 64 Good Acts or Eid Mubarak Ride, where the members of the group distribute gifts among the poor people of the society especially the poor children.


News of various activities of BDcyclists has been published in Bangladesh  and in foreign media  . The BBC and Al Jazeera have also reported on BDcyclists.   Registrar Saad Hamadi wrote an article about The Group's activities on The Guardian's Bike Blog. There has also been a drama about BDC cyclists called 'Cyclewall's Dream', which has been aired on many private TV channels in the country. 

Alcohol in Bangladesh

Alcohol use in Bangladesh is limited and regulated. According to data released by the World Bank in 2015, Bangladesh has the lowest alcohol consumption in Asia.


The first distillery of Bangladesh was established in 18 AD. It was founded by an Englishman named Robert Russell Keru. Which is now known as Keru & Company Bangladesh Limited . It was nationalized by the Bangladesh government in 1973.The distillery is a part of Darshana Sugar Mill and operates under the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation . Keru & Company is the only one of the 15 sugar mills in Bangladesh that does not have to count losses. Almost all of its profits come from the distillery unit here. The distillery produces whiskeygin, brandy, crackoutrum and vodka.

In 2003, the Bangladesh government gave a license to Jamuna Distillery Limited of Jamuna Group to produce alcoholic beverages. Jamuna Distillery Limited is the first private company in Bangladesh to get a license to produce alcohol. In 2009, Jamuna Hunter brand beer was brought to Bangladesh


According to the law of Bangladesh, a drink containing more than 0.5% alcohol will be considered as an alcoholic beverage. Government permission is required for the marketing, storage and transportation of alcohol. One must have legal permission to drink alcohol. Muslims need a medical certificate to be allowed to drink alcohol. The letter of action should be taken from an associate professor or civil surgeon of the medical college.

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