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Bangladesh-Yemen relations


Yemen's relations with Bangladesh to Bangladesh and Yemen in bilateral relations means.


Southern Yemen is now integrated into Yemen , recognizing Bangladesh on 15 June 1971. South Yemen was the first Arab state to recognize Bangladesh (other Arab states supported Pakistan in the 1971 Liberation War), and its support for Bangladeshi independence led to an emerging divide between South Yemen and China. South Yemen also supported the emerging Bangladesh state membership in the World Health Organization . Diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and the Arab Republic of Yemen were established in 1973 when North Yemen recognized Bangladesh. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman According to him, the beginning of diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and the Arab Republic of Yemen (as well as several Arab states) was the result of Bangladesh's support for the Arabs in the 1963 Arab-Israeli war.

 1975 coup 

North Yemen is one of the first countries to recognize the government of Khandaker Mostaq Ahmed after the 1975 coup in Bangladesh .

The President's visit in 1987 

Bangladeshi President Hussein Muhammad Ershad visited North Yemen in July 1986 to strengthen trade and cooperation. During the visit, two agreements on bilateral cooperation were signed between the two countries. This is the first visit of a Bangladeshi president to northern Yemen.

Educational Cooperation 

The education sector has been identified as a potential area for expanding bilateral cooperation between Bangladesh and Yemen. Both sides expressed the need to have educational exchange programs, especially in the fields of engineering and information technology.

Economic cooperation 

In the 1990s, trade and labor migration between Bangladesh and Yemen increased, as did economic relations.  

Bangladesh and Yemen have expressed mutual interest in expanding bilateral trade and investment. Bangladeshi medicines, ceramics, melamine, jute and fabrics, leather goods, etc. have been identified as promising industries with huge demand in the Yemeni market. In 2013, Yemeni President Abdur Rahman Mansour Hadi expressed his desire to build some patrol vessels for the Yemeni Coast Guard at Bangladeshi shipyards. Yemen has offered to sign an agreement on trade and commerce with Bangladesh. In addition, emphasis has been placed on exchanging business delegations between the two countries.

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