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Bangladesh Waqf Administrators Office


Bangladesh Waqf Administrator's Office is a government organization in Bangladesh that is engaged in providing assistance and advice to the government in conducting, managing and controlling Waqf property activities.The organization is headquartered in Eskaton, Dhaka and is managed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs .According to Islamic teachings , any person can permanently donate his movable or immovable property and the state is responsible for ensuring that this waqf is administered smoothly and in accordance with the donor's wishes. The institute was established in 1986 to maintain and manage a large amount of waqf property in the country; However, in 1972, a specific law was introduced in the country for the management of waqf property. 


From time immemorial, many countries of the world have been working for the welfare of human beings through the maintenance and development of waqf property. The Waqf Legislation Act was passed in 1913 to legalize Muslim donations in what was then British India . Under the 1972 Act, the law relating to the management and administration of waqf properties was amended.The Waqf Ordinance was amended in 1986 and since then the Waqf Administrator's office has been vested with the powers of an independent authority.


Founded during the British rule, the company was headquartered at the Writers' Building in Calcutta; Which was relocated to Dhaka after partition and is now headquartered at Building 4, New Eskaton Road.

The aim and purpose of the 

The goals and objectives of this organization are stated as  

Contribute to the proper management and operation of all waqf properties through waqf administration.

The main aim and purpose of this organization is to provide social and religious welfare through proper management of the waqf property and to conduct service activities in the light of Islamic provisions with the income earned through overall management and development of this property. 


The Bangladesh Waqf Administration is an Islamic religiously based, social welfare and service-oriented autonomous body which is responsible for the care and proper management of the wealth acquired by countless people throughout their lives for the great cause of serving humanity.The huge amount of income from waqf property is used for the benefit of the public as it is donated for personal, collective or religious work.

office of the waqf administrator ঢাকা
office of the waqf administrator new eskaton road dhaka

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