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Bangladesh-UK relations


 Bangladesh-UK relations that Bangladesh and the UK in the bilateral relations means. Bangladesh and the United Kingdom are both members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations .


The relationship between Britain and Bangladesh started from British India . Britain sheltered diplomats who fled during Bangladesh's war of independence . The British government, politicians and the media criticized the atrocities in Bangladesh and expressed sympathy for the freedom fighters. Britain recognized Bangladesh on 4 February 1972, as a result of which Bangladesh was later recognized by other European and Commonwealth countries and on 17 April 1972 Bangladesh was annexed to the Commonwealth. In 1982, Britain established a High Commission in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Anthony Golds was the first British High Commissioner to Bangladesh.

Modern Relationship

In March 2008, Fakhruddin Ahmed had visited Number 10 to discuss increasing British investment and cooperation in defence and trade, especially on counter-terrorism and duty-free access for LDCs. Britain is the largest foreign investor in Bangladesh and the third biggest export destination for Bangladeshi goods after the USA and Germany.

At the 7th ISS Asia Security Summit (also known as Shangri-La Dialogue) in Singapore, Bangladesh's foreign advisor Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury met with the UK's Defence Minister Des Browne at the sidelines to discuss security and defense relations between the two countries. Browne says he hopes that Bangladesh's modernizing values can reach the Bangladeshi diaspora in the UK.

British Bangladesh 

Tower Hamlets  Brick Lane Road is named in English and Bengali

Most expatriate Bangladeshis in the Western world live in Britain. The British Bangladeshi community is the largest immigrant community in the UK. They live mainly in Tower Hamlets , East London . About 33% of the total population living here is Bangladeshi. According to the National Census, about 500,000 Bangladeshi expatriates live in Britain, 95 percent of whom are from Sylhet. A large number of Sylhet expatriate Bangladeshis also live outside London , such as Manchester and Westminster . Britain celebrates Baishakhi Mela, the largest open air Asian festival in Europe , a Bangladeshi event held in London.

Baishakhi Mela held in London

Bengali ethnic media in the United Kingdom, the oldest and largest Bengali media in the world; It operates 5 TV channels and 12 Bengali and English national dailies / weekly newspapers with significant reputation. This medium is doing a commendable job in creating awareness among the second and third generation British-Bangladeshis about Bangladesh and Bangladeshi culture.

State inspection 

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina  went to the UK for the Girl Summit in London. More importantly, this is Sheikh Hasina's first visit to a western country since the 2014 elections. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasized on the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom to explain the positive results of her participation in the Girl Summit with British Prime Minister David Cameron .

Trade and investment 

Between 2008 and 2012, bilateral goods and services grew by 119%. The United Kingdom exported 450 million worth of goods and services to Bangladesh in 2013. Of these, 71% were service-based. In 2014, the export of goods was 131 million pounds. In 2013, the UK's main exports to Bangladesh were nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical applications / electrical parts and equipment / sound recorders and regenerators, television images and sound recorders and producers, and parts / accessories, iron and steel, for medical purposes. Cattle feed.  

In the 2012-2013 financial year, Bangladesh exported  2.2 billion worth of goods to the United Kingdom and imported 2 billion worth of goods and services from the United Kingdom.

High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh, London.

Name of the Mission:High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh, London.
Chancery Address:28 Queen’s Gate, London SW7 5JA, United Kingdom
International Phone code:+44
Telephone:+44-20-7584 0081-4 (PABX)
Fax:+44-20-7581 7477
E-mail :info@;
Office Time:1000 to 1800 hrs.
Local Time     :GMT +0 (in winter, November-March) GMT +1 (in summer, April-October)
Weekly Holidays:Saturday and Sunday
Opening date of the Mission        :08 February 1972

British High Commission in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: United Nations Rd, Dhaka 1212, Phone: +88029842705 Web:

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