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Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation


Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation (BTMC) was established on 26 March 1972 with the aim of supervising, coordinating and controlling the activities of the nationalized mills of the Government of Bangladesh and setting up and developing new industrial establishments. From July 1, 1982, BTMC started its official activities with 64 nationalized mills. Later, 12 more mills were established and as a result, the total number of BTMC mills stood at 6. According to the government's decision, 35 mills were handed over to Bangladeshi owners at different times. 5 were sold through liquidation and 15 through tenders and handed over to 9 workers, 4 were assigned to the Ministry of Textiles and Jute / Liquidation Cell, 3 were assigned to the Mill Privatization Commission. At present 15 mills are under the direct control of BTMC out of which 6 mills are in service charge system.


Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation (BTMC) was established on 26 March 1972 under Article 10 of the Bangladesh Industrial Establishment (Nationalization) Order (Presidential Ordinance No. 26 of 1972). It started its official activities on July 1, 1982. Under the government's policy of nationalization and transfer to private ownership, 85 mills were transferred, sold and liquidated between 1986 and 2013.

The current structure 


To build BTMC as a profitable and significant organization in the textile sector.


  1. To build BTMC as a significant organization in the textile sector by producing quality yarn and cloth.
  2. Contribute to national production through development of the textile sector.
  3. Development of the textile sector through domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.
  4. Creating an investment-friendly environment for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.
  5. Proper use of resources through increased financial capacity.
  6. Creating employment and building skilled manpower through training, research, and education.

BTMC activities 

  1. The direction of the organization and the management of its administrative activities and its institutions are entrusted to the board of directors appointed by the government.
  2. To cooperate with the government in formulating national plans and policies for the commercial operation of existing institutions.
  3. To take steps to identify, initiate, prepare and implement new development projects including BMRE with the advice and approval of the Government.
  4. Identify and initiate feasibility studies for setting up new projects with government approval.
  5. Prepare and implement an annual development program for development project development.
  6. To maintain contact with the agency by the government in case of shortage of resources in the revised ADP.
  7. To identify, initiate and process development projects undertaken through foreign assistance with the advice and approval of the Government.
  8. Supervise the implementation of development activities under the ADP, and notify government agencies of achievements, deficiencies, problems, corrections and policy issues.
  9. To make necessary assessments to revise, revise and outline future development projects.
  10. To closely monitor any issue as per the demand of the government in the context of national demand.
  11. To implement production, distribution, pricing, labor and management in the textile sector under the policy of the government.
  12. To present the realistic and economic goals and objectives of the organization.
  13. Overseeing the role of the organization, the efficient and efficient use of resources, identifying the problems of the organization and providing support and direction to the organization.
  14. Adopting standards of operation, quality of products, increase in production, minimization of waste and expenditure.
  15. Introduce and oversee information technology systems to provide adequate, precise and timely information to organizations and governments for decision making.
  16. In the interest of the organization, statutory and legal barriers have to be removed.
  17. To provide human resource development and training at field and factory level to meet the demand of skilled manpower.
  18. To formulate policies and procedures for the purchase of both imported and local types of machinery, parts and raw materials.
  19. Procurement of machinery, equipment and lots of equipment as per the requirements of the organization which cannot be procured otherwise due to various technical constraints such as foreign exchange allocation, credit limitation, obtaining license and opening of LC etc.
  20. To formulate procedures for the sale of products, commodities and other materials of the organization.
  21. To develop the standards of social welfare of the workers / employees through social services.
  22. Inspect, supervise and control the activities of the organization.
  23. Formulation of joint venture projects in the textile sector and exploration of possibilities.

Bitiemasi resemble other 

  1. Darwani Textiles Mills Ltd.:
  2. Rangamati Textile Mills Ltd.
  3. Bengal Textile Mills Ltd.:
  4. Sundarbans Textile Mills Ltd.:
  5. Rajshahi Textile Mills Ltd.:
  6. Amin Textile Mills Ltd.-1
  7. Amin Textile Mills Ltd.-2
  8. R&R Textile Mills Ltd.

BTMC's Vision 2021

In anticipation of transforming Bangladesh into a middle-income country, BTMC has taken steps to attract local and foreign investors to set up modern spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, composite textile and textile accessories industries through joint venture projects.

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