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Bangladesh Tea Research Institute


Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) is an autonomous institution under the Bangladesh Tea Board 


The Pakistan Tea Board established a tea research station in East Pakistan in 1952 . After the independence of Bangladesh in 1973, the Bangladesh government upgraded the station to a research institute.  Srimangal is the oldest tea research center in the subcontinent after Assam in India . Which attracts a lot of tourists. 

HeadquartersSreemangalMaulvibazar DistrictSylhetBangladesh
Region servedBangladesh
Official languageBengali
WebsiteBangladesh Tea Research Institute

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute is one of the 10 national institutes included in the Bangladesh National Agricultural Research System (NURS) . This organization has 4 sub-centers all over the country. Of subcenters

Map of Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

Research Division 

BTRI has 6 research departments. The research departments are: - 1. Soil chemistry , II. Botany, 3. Agriculture, 4. Entomology , 5. Plant pathology, 6. Biochemistry , 6. Engineering , 6. Statistics and economics. This institute is equivalent to other tea research institutes in the world.


The technology and scientific research-knowledge and experience invented by the tea scientists of BTRI is contributing to the progress and development of the tea industry. Tea scientists have so far developed 16 high yielding and attractive quality clones from BT-1 to BT-16. Tea scientists have officially released the latest high-yielding improved clone 'BT-16'. In addition, tea scientists have relentlessly researched and invented a perclonal seed variety including 4 biclonal seedlings BTS-1, BTS-2, BTS-3, BTS-4 with a few generative clones.

The famous Satkara pickle or fish - meat of Sylhet region is very popular in this region. This time tea is being made with this delicious citrus fruit. In the meantime, researchers have created 'Satkara Cha' to make this popular fruit of Sylhet popular all over the country. The color of the tea will be a lot of orange . This tea is made by combining seven leaves with tea leaves. Khandaker Shahjahan, General Manager, Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI), Srimangal, has invented the new tea himself.  He has made 'Silver Tea' in addition to Satkara Tea. He said

Satkara is a popular citrus fruit in the greater Sylhet region. I have been trying for three months to make tea from this fruit thinking about the popularity of the people.

Satkara tea level has also been made. Its branding name will be Satkara Tea, Bangladesh Tea. In the meantime he has made Orthodox (original tea) in addition to silver tea. That tea was made half a century ago. The characteristics of this tea are- liqueur is lighter, more flavorful. He is also trying to make diabetic tea

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