Thursday, 3 December 2020

Bangladesh Tariff Commission


The Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) is an autonomous national statutory body that imposes tariffs on imports, protects domestic industries, and regulates the dumping of foreign goods in Bangladesh. Located in Dhaka , Bangladesh. Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed is the chairman of the Bangladesh Tariff Commission.


Bangladesh Tariff Commission Formerly known as Pakistan Tariff Commission. It was discovered during the East Pakistan period. The commission was established on July 2, 1983. The Commission is responsible for the protection of domestic industries and the control of imports.The commission is weak according to its own commissioner. In 2007, the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry was accused of failing to stop dumping of Indian sugar exporters.


The main task of the Bangladesh Tariff Commission is to protect the interests of the domestic industry. The organization provides necessary assistance to the government in negotiating and implementing international, bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements. The Commission works to protect, develop and expand local industries in the light of the terms of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Assists the government in formulating strategies for duty free access to Bangladeshi products and free human resource access at the international level. The Commission formulates recommendations by analyzing the production cost of the product, import cost of raw material, cost of import of finished product, manpower, production capacity, value addition, quality of the product as per the application of the industrial organization or organization. How many economic indicators does the commission use for data analysis. 

Monitoring Cell 

BTC makes recommendations taking into account market economy, economic environment, bilateral and multilateral trade and tariff agreements. If necessary, the commission organizes public hearings. The Commission's 'Monitoring Cell' sends a report to the Ministry of Commerce after analyzing the market data. The "Monitoring Cell" of the Tariff Commission serves as the focal point of the Ministry of Commerce. With this method sugar and edible oil are initially included. On 15 July 2012, the Ministry of Commerce declared onion , garlic , lentils , gram , all kinds of spices and table salt as essential products. It also reviews the international and local prices of these products and formulates opinions.

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