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Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute


Bangladesh Sugarcrop Research Institute or Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute is an autonomous national research institute that conducts research on sugarcane and other sweet national plants. The head office of Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute is located on 235 acres of land at Arankola and Baharpur mouzas adjacent to Pabna - Ishwardi highway in Ishwardi upazila .Research is conducted on sugarcane and its versatile uses, including sugar, molasses and chewing gum. It is under the Ministry of Agriculture.



In 1912, a 'Sugarcane Breeding Center' was set up in Coimbatore, British India. A sugarcane field was set up at Monipuri Farm in Dhaka in 1933 to collect sugarcane seeds from the Sugarcane Breeding Center in Coimbatore and select suitable varieties for the Bengal area. After the partition of India in 1951, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of East Pakistan set up a "Sugarcane Research Center" at Ishwardi in Pabna district. At that time the activities of the center were only sugarcane breeding and variety selection. Later, the "Food and Agriculture Council" of the Government of Pakistan brought the center under the control of the Central Government for further development of the research center. In 1985, the center was again taken over by the Ministry of Agriculture in the provincial government.

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1973, the center was handed over to the Bangladesh Sugar Mills Company under the Ministry of Industries. The institute formulated a project called "Sugarcane Research Institute" in 1984. 

During the 1960-75 Five Year Plan, the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation proposed a project to the Commission to set up 'Staff Training Centers' at Ishwardi and Thakurgaon. During the consideration of the project, the proposed 'Staff Training Center' was approved in association with the Sugarcane Research Institute and the name of the institute was changed to 'Sugarcane Research and Training Institute'. 

In 1989, the Cabinet decided to upgrade the Sugarcane Research and Training Institute to a national institution. It was handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture by the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation and was given the responsibility of conducting research on sugarcane as well as dates and other sweet national crops.  

The Sugarcane Research and Training Institute was abolished in 1996 by the President's Executive Order (Ordinance No. 23, 18 June 1997) and was replaced by the 'Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute'. Through this Act, Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute was upgraded to an autonomous national institution. The Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute Act (Act No. 11, August 16, 1996) was enacted in the Jatiya Sangsad on 16 August of the same year.  

Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute was renamed as 'Bangladesh Sugarcrop Research Institute' by issuing an executive order of the President on November 9, 2015. In 2019, the 'Bangladesh Sugarcrop Research Institute Act, 2019' was approved by adding palm, date, golpata and other sweet crops or trees as 'sugar grains'.

Research department 

  1. Department of Reproduction
  2. Department of Biotechnology
  3. Department of Physiology and Sugar Chemistry
  4. Department of Agriculture
  5. Department of Soil and Nutrition
  6. Department of Entomology
  7. Department of Pathology
  8. Department of Agricultural Engineering
  9. Department of Training and Technology Transfer
  10. Department of Agricultural Economics
  11. Real estate department

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