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Bangladesh special operations forces


Bangladesh Special Operations Forces which are under the command of the Bangladesh Army and specially organized, trained and equipped to conduct and assist special operations.

Special Security Force 

The Special Security Force is a special operational and intelligence unit. Responsible for providing physical protection to the President, the Head of Government and any person nominated as a VIP by the Government of Bangladesh. Its members are recruited from Bangladesh Army , Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force . The SSF reports directly to the Prime Minister. 

Bangladesh Army 

Bangladesh Army is a ground branch of the Bangladesh Army . The Para Commando consists of special units classified into a brigade.  

Para Commando:

  • Para Commando Brigade (Bangladesh)
  • 1st Para Commando Brigade
  • Bangladesh Army 2nd Commando Battalion

Presidential Guard Regiment  : Formed by Major General / President Ziaur Rahman in 1986 . The regiment provides military assistance in all protective activities, including presidential trips, presidential movements, medical support and emergency medical services and hospitality services. The commander of the Presidential Guard Regiment is the Army Major General, known as the President's Military Secretary. He reported directly to the President.  

Bangladesh Navy 

Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS): Special Operations Force of Bangladesh Navy . SWADS is recruited through professional soldiers and the Bangladesh Navy. The unit is equipped, trained, and equipped with U.S. Navy SEALs and Republic of Korea Navy UDT / SEAL SEAL / UDT teams.  

Bangladesh Police 

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence 

Bureau of Counter Terrorism and Intelligence

bangladesh special forces list
bangladesh special forces

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