Thursday, 3 December 2020

Bangladesh-Sierra Leone relations


Bangladesh-Sierra Leone relations means bilateral relations between the two countries. This relationship was greatly improved by sending Bangladesh troops to Sierra Leone as part of the UN peacekeeping mission . The Bangladesh Army is still deployed to bring peace to Sierra Leone.

High-level overview 

In 2003, the then President of Sierra Leone, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, paid an official visit to Bangladesh.

Sierra Leone Bangladesh Forces  

Bangladesh's peacekeeping forces played a key role in the civil war in Sierra Leone. In the aftermath of the Civil War, the nation played an important role in rebuilding and building various important infrastructures.  Describing the contribution of Bangladeshi peacekeepers, former Sierra Leonean President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah said, 

The people of Sierra Leone not only welcome the Bangladeshi army, but also do not want to let them go.

Social Development 

Some Bangladeshi NGOs, including BRAC , are working in Sierra Leone on microfinance, agricultural development, etc


Sierra Leone urges Bangladesh to invest in their country, especially in the garment, textile and agricultural sectors. As a result, Bangladeshis started investing there. Only Bengal Agro Ltd, the company was 50 million US dollars investment. The company set up a rubber processing plant there, the first of its kind in West Africa

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