Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Bangladesh Shipping Corporation


Bangladesh Shipping Corporation is a state-owned autonomous corporation in Bangladesh. It also certifies some ships and oil tankers, and more ocean-going ships. Bangladesh imports and exports food grains, fuel, edible oils, garments, processed food, tea, leather, chemicals and any containerized goods between Bangladesh and the outside world.


This shipping corporation was established on February 5, 1972 by Presidential Decree No. 10 after the war of independence of Bangladesh . Soon after the establishment of the Shipping Corporation, two seafarers named Bengal Doot and Bengal Sampad were added to the BSc. Since then BSC has collected a total of 36 ships. However, due to the normal age of the ship and being considered commercially unprofitable, 25 ships were sold or scrapped at different stages. At present, BSC is carrying the flag of Bangladesh worldwide by sea with a mixed fleet of 13 ships.


The head office of BSc is located in Chittagong. Besides, there are two sub offices in Dhaka and Khulna. All BSC offices have two departments related to Commerce and Ship Charter. Two regional offices have been opened in Singapore and London to facilitate the movement of goods abroad. Ship repair activities are overseen by the Ship Maintenance and Repair Department and the Technology Branch, and the Trade and Charter Department oversees matters related to ship charter, mass communication and staffing. The BSc is governed by a seven-member board of directors. The Minister of Shipping is ex-officio chairman of the company.Although BSc is a government-owned institution, its activities are spread worldwide and it is required to comply with national maritime laws as well as all international and in some cases third country maritime laws. The main purpose of maritime laws is to provide greater security for life and property and to prevent environmental pollution at sea. Which is managed under the auspices of the IMO. International Safety Management (Code and International Ship and Port Facility Security) codes have been introduced on BSc ships. Thus, BSC invests a lot of money every year to implement new international laws and regulations


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