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Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre


Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center or BPATC , which is an autonomous training institution, government, non-government and autonomous institutions are training officers. It is located on the Dhaka-Aricha highway in SavarDhaka district . Besides, there are four Regional Public Administration Training Centers at the headquarters of Dhaka, ChittagongRajshahi and Khulna divisions under its administrative supervision.


Founded in 

The company was established on April 26, 1984. It is constituted and administered by the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center Ordinance 1984.

Administrative infrastructure 

Under Ordinance No. 28 of 1974, the institute was established as an integrated national autonomous training center for public administration and management. A Secretary to the Government is the chief officer. His title is Rector. There are five directors at the joint-secretary level in charge of the five departments under the rector. The departments are: management and public administration, program formulation and monitoring, development and economic affairs, research and guidance, and project formulation. A 12-member board of governors, chaired by a minister, sets the general policy for the organization.


The special objective of this organization is to develop the public administration at the national level by imparting necessary knowledge and techniques to the public and private officials for their management and development. To that end, the organization's activities include basic training of newly recruited cadres in the Bangladesh Civil Service, in-service training of middle and senior government officials and training of officials of public corporations, local authorities and non-governmental organizations. Other notable activities include conducting research on public administration, management and development, advising the government on administration and development issues, publishing books, periodicals and reports on administration and development, Establish and manage libraries and reading rooms and implement other matters mentioned in the ordinance. The government may also direct the BPATC to carry out other work related to training and research on public administration.

All cadre and non-cadre government officials are under BPATC training. Includes newly appointed BCS cadre officers to senior policy makers. BPATC's training programs are generally divided into two classes: one is a basic course, the other is a short-term special course. The duration of the short term course is 1-4 weeks and the duration of the basic course is 10-16 weeks.

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