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Bangladesh Planning Commission


The Bangladesh Planning Commission is an economic public policy body of the Government of Bangladesh . In English it is called PC for short . Planning Commission, the Ministry under the Ministry of Finance   as well as the national economy to develop and expand the country's public infrastructure and policy development for the research study was initiated. 

The Planning Division of the Planning Commission acts as the Secretariat to initiate evaluation of all major economic policy questions and development projects and programs:

  1. National Economic Council (NEC)
  2. Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC)

The National Economic Council (NEC) 

The National Economic Council is the highest political body for considering economic policy and development activities, reflecting the long-term national policy objectives of the Government of Bangladesh. It acts as the economic “mini-cabinet”, consisting of the chief economic ministers and their officials, and is chaired by the prime minister.

Ministers usually formulate their own plans and programs according to the goals set by the NEC. The NEC meeting is convened at the behest of the Prime Minister and the meeting may include outside invitees at its discretion. All NEC proposals are then submitted to ECNEC for approval .


  • Prime Minister of Bangladesh (Chairperson).
  • Ministers Council of Ministers (member) who has economic experience.

Veterinary officials 

  1. Cabinet Secretary
  2. Governor, Bangladesh Bank
  3. All members, Planning Commission
  4. Secretary, concerned Ministries / Departments

NEC activities 

  1. To formulate a five year plan and provide overall direction to the annual development program.
  2. To finalize and approve economic plans, programs and policies
  3. To review the progress of implementation of development programs
  4. Taking decisions and actions of others that can be considered for socio-economic development.
  5. Appoint sub-committees as appropriate committees to assist the NEC in carrying out specific responsibilities
  6. Assessment impact analysis of projects, programs and national livelihood plans


  • NEC meetings are held monthly, and may be required before the Prime Minister (who chairs)
  • The Planning Department provides the Secretariat to the NEC

The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) 

The ECNEC branch of the Planning Commission is responsible for overseeing the implementation of ECNEC coordination meetings and decisions taken at meetings.

The ECNEC Wing is headed by a Joint Secretary of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) Cadre, supported by two Deputy Secretaries and two Senior Assistant Secretaries.


  1. Prime Minister, Chairperson
  2. Minister, Ministry of Finance, Alternate Chairperson
  3. Minister, Ministry of Labor and Employment
  4. Minister, Ministry of Water Resources
  5. Minister, Ministry of Commerce
  6. Minister, Ministry of Communications
  7. Minister, Ministry of Shipping
  8. Minister / State Minister of the concerned Ministry

Officials taking part in 

  1. Bangladesh Cabinet Secretary
  2. Chief Secretary or Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister
  3. Secretary, Department of Economic Relations
  4. Secretary, Finance Department
  5. Secretary, Planning Department
  6. Secretary, IMED
  7. Member, Department of General Economics, Planning Commission
  8. Member, Programming, Planning Commission
  9. Secretary, concerned Ministry / Division
  10. Governor Bangladesh Bank.

Planning functions 

The preliminary work of ECNEC Wing is as follows:

  1. Convening meetings between NEC, ECNEC and other concerned officials
  2. Prepare, distribute, and disseminate agendas and minutes of meetings for programs throughout the government
  3. Observe the decisions taken at the meeting for implementation


To consider and approve the annual target of reviewing the progress of foreign aid bids, trade expansion, manpower export as well as other annual targets.

  1. ECNEC meetings are held as and when required by the President
  2. The Planning Department provides the Secretariat to ECNEC

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