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Bangladesh Photographic Society


Bangladesh Photographic Society ( also known as BPS ) is the National Photographic Society of Bangladesh, located in Dhaka , Bangladesh .  It was the first photography gallery in Bangladesh. It is a member of the International Photographic Arts Federation.

The purpose of 

The main goal of the Bangladesh Photographic Society is to develop photography in Bangladesh. It also aims to help and encourage the public to understand the importance of photography. It also inspires people to take up photography as a profession. It also plays a role in training people on photography and keeping photographers afloat. Again, by organizing competitions at different times, it made Bangladesh stand out to the outside world.

Bangladesh Photographic Institute 

In 1990, Manzur Alam Beg, a renowned photographer, established the Bangladesh Photographic Institute (BPI) at the Bangladesh Photographic Society. This organization makes a significant contribution to the training and development of photography. This branch offers a one month basic photography course. So far, a total of 600 people have received training in 65 batches from Bangladesh Photographic Institute.


Bangladesh Photographic Society was established on January 1, 1986 with Bangladeshi photographers. This society runs the Bangladesh Photographic Institute where training in photography is imparted. The Society organizes annual national and biennial international competitions. This institute organizes various conferences and seminars in Bangladesh.

At a meeting on the 15th anniversary of the Begart Institute of Photography in 1985, photographer Manjur Alam Beg proposed to formally organize a national photography organization for the development and growth of photography in Bangladesh. The meeting was attended by Dr. Ansar Uddin Ahmed, Dr. A. Rab Chowdhury, Mr. Nurul Islam, Mr. Jahangir Selim, Mr. Md. Maksudul Bari, Mr. Bijan Sarkar, Mr. MR Majid, Mr. Biswas and many others. Begart's student photographer. Maksudul Bari proposed the name of the organization "Bangladesh Photographic Society" which was adopted at that meeting. And at the same meeting Mr. Beg was nominated chairman of the implementation committee. The first election meeting of the Bangladesh Photographic Society was held on 30-5-6 of the following year. Until 1974, the Bangladesh Photographic Society was run at the Begart Institute of Photography, and from 1978-75, photographer Manjur Alam Beg was the President of the Bangladesh Photographic Society.

On 16 November 2012, a workshop on "Light in Portrait Photography" was jointly organized by Bangladesh Photographic Society and Shilpakala Academy.  On the 43rd founding anniversary of 2019, an international competition for the prize money of $ 1,000 was organized.

bangladesh photography society

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