Thursday, 3 December 2020

Bangladesh Philosophical Association


Bangladesh Darshan Samiti is an association of philosophers of Bangladesh. It conducts various activities of philosophical research and propagation of ethics and humanism. The head office of the association is located in Dhaka.


After the independence of Bangladesh on 2 January 1972, the members of the Pakistan Philosophical Congress who had been living in Bangladesh met in Dhaka under the leadership of Dewan Mohammad Azraf . He was the acting chairperson and treasurer of Bangladesh Darshan Samiti at the first meeting. The meeting also created a 15-member organizational structure for the association. Syed Abdul Hai was the first general secretary of the association.  

The first general meeting of the association was held on 26 January 1973. Then the executive committee of the association was formed. The committee had Mohammad Saidur Rahman as president and Abdul Jalil as general secretary. The association publishes a quarterly magazine called Darshan. The association held its first national conference on philosophy in Bangladesh in 1974. It was inaugurated by the President of Bangladesh Mohammad Mohammadullah . From 1984 to 1994, a total of 9 general conferences of the association were held at Dhaka, Rajshahi and Chittagong Universities. In all these conferences, articles on logic, metaphysics, Bengali philosophy, social philosophy, psychology, state philosophy, ethics philosophy, philosophy of religion, etc. were read and discussed. The association also organizes seminars and symposiums on national and international issues at different times.

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