Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society


Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society is the National Professional Association of Pharmacists of Bangladesh.Hasan Kausar is the general secretary of this committee.


This association was established in 1972 by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacists of Bangladesh. The head office of this committee is located in Dhaka. The main goal of this association is to develop the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh and to implement some practical and meaningful regulations in the national health policy.


This committee has undertaken various important works for him. For example, this committee solves various problems along with the general development of the pharmaceutical industry. It also encourages developmental research in the preparation of medicines. It trains people in the pharmacy profession in Bangladesh and helps them to acquire professional skills.

The examination was conducted under the supervision of the committee. Eligible candidates in this field are awarded certificates and diplomas on behalf of this committee. This committee has made changes and amendments to the Pharmacy Act as required. Field research, conferences, symposiums, seminars, etc. are organized for the development of pharmaceutical companies. This committee publishes journals, books, magazines, documents etc. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society is the published journal of this association. In addition to these, the committee also provides research fellowships, supportive grants, scholarships, awards, etc. for pharmaceutical research, and the establishment of laboratories required to test the quality of various medicines.

The association is affiliated with the International Pharmaceutical Association and the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association.

bangladesh pharmaceutical association
pharmaceutical society of bangladesh

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