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Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute


The Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute ( BORI ) is a government organization in Bangladesh dedicated to assisting and advising the government in conducting, managing and controlling marine research activities. The institute is located in Goalia Palang, Ramu Jungle, Cox's Bazar and is managed by the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology .The institute was established in 2015 with the aim of conducting research and development activities on marine issues efficiently and creating a skilled manpower with the goal of positive development and application of oceanography at the national level.


In 1973, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took the initiative to set up a 'Marine Research Institute' but it was closed for a long time due to various reasons. From June 2000 to July 2005, a project titled "Establishment of National Marine Research Institute (Phase I)" was undertaken. [Ii] 009 In its meeting of 4 acres institute proposal presented to the change of 40 acres and 010 in the Cox's Bazar district, Ramu jungle goyaliya Palong village, 40 acres of land acquisition was completed and subsequently 015 on March 5, the National In Parliament"Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute Act, 2015" was passed.


5 laboratories, 1 oceanographic data center, audio visual amenities under a development project under the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology at a cost of Taka 102.80 crore covering 40.62 acres of land in Jungle Goalia Palang Mouza near Reju Canal adjacent to Marine Drive in Ramu Upazila of Cox's Bazar District . The institute is located with rooms, classrooms for training, medical center, visiting scientist dormitory, quarters etc.

The aim and purpose of the 

The goals and objectives of this organization are stated as  

  1. Development of mineral, agricultural, fisheries, environment, and industrial sectors through the use of marine resources and application of its benefits to human welfare, including conducting research activities aimed at innovating and increasing production of environmentally friendly and sustainable advanced technologies;
  2. Promoting knowledge on marine education, research and training and exploration and use of marine resources, and undertaking activities to protect the marine environment;
  3. Identifying and resolving maritime problems;
  4. To conduct research on innovation of all resources located within the maritime economic zone of Bangladesh;
  5. Expediting the sustainable production of all marine resources for the purpose of exploration and sustainable economic well-being;
  6. Identify and conduct research on offshore Iceland, coastal areas and seabed minerals, placer deposits, coal, oil and other mineral resources including gas;
  7. Practice knowledge of hydrography, sedimentation, astronomy, meteorology, navigation and communication systems and work to improve communication systems commercially;
  8. Encouraging government and non-government organizations to invest in trade and commerce related to the marine and marine environment and providing services as a consulting firm;
  9. To provide assistance in this regard, including making proposals for adoption of various maritime strategies and policies and plans of the country, including maritime law;
  10. Identify various environmental issues (coast, deep sea circulation, delta formation, water flow, etc.) and environmental natural disasters and climate issues;
  11. Improving international relations by collaborating with marine researchers, engineers, technicians and marine experts from other institutions in the country and coordinating marine research; And liaise with local and international organizations on oceanography;
  12. Creating skilled manpower through training in oceanography;
  13. Taking up public awareness activities on sea issues as a national institution;
  14. Collaborate and coordinate research activities with universities and other institutions conducting research on oceanography;
  15. Providing assistance to new researchers in obtaining patent rights;
  16. Take any steps necessary to perform the above functions.


Topics covered by BORI include: Physical Oceanography, Geological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Climate Change and Marine Studies; Creating skilled manpower in oceanography; Provide training to those concerned; Coordinating, supporting and providing necessary sponsorship of research conducted on biotechnology in universities and research institutes; Collection, storage and distribution of research data and results through establishment of Oceanographic Data Center and assessment of oil pollution risk. Initial research on alternative foods is being conducted here. 

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