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Bangladesh-New Zealand relations


Bangladesh-New Zealand relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and New Zealand .

 High-level visits 

Former Health Minister of Bangladesh Dr. Ruhal Haque paid an official visit to Wellington in August 2009 .    In 2014 New Zealand prime minister Sir Jim Balage special envoy to Dhaka at the four-day official visit.

Educational Cooperation 

Bangladesh and New Zealand have been cooperating in the field of education. Every year a number of Bangladeshi undergraduate and graduate students are awarded scholarships to study in New Zealand.

Economic cooperation 

Bilateral trade between Bangladesh and New Zealand is steadily increasing. New Zealand has become one of the newest markets in the Bangladeshi shipbuilding industry after the New Zealand government signed an agreement with Western Marine Shipyard in 2013 to build an ocean-going ship between Tokelau and the Samoa Islands . Once built, it will be the first Bangladeshi-built ship for the Pacific Ocean. The deal caused some controversy when the New Zealand government chose a foreign company, excluding local shipyards. Other Bangladeshi exports to New Zealand include woven and woolen garments, jute products, etc. Bilateral trade is largely in New Zealand's favor. In 2011, bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to about  200 million, of which New Zealand's exports to Bangladesh were more than  150 million. New Zealand's export positions are dominated by dairy products.

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