Thursday, 3 December 2020

Bangladesh Nazrul Sena


Bangladesh Nazrul Sena is a private mass development organization. The organization is mainly working for the education and health development of children, adolescents and youth in Bangladesh . The organization is named after the famous Bengali poet and writer Kazi Nazrul Islam . Nazrul's philosophy continues to inspire the organization to fulfill its purpose.


Bangladesh Nazrul Sena was established in 1964 in East Pakistan. Its activities were curtailed during the Bangladesh War of Independence and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, but after the independence of Bangladesh, its activities continued to expand. The philosophy of the national poet of Bangladesh Kazi Islam inspired this organization. This organization works against child abuse and works to solve the socio-economic situation of children and youth, religion, poverty, various health problems.


The Bangladesh Nazrul Sena has about 35 branches run by a central committee of trustees and board members. It provides support and assistance to adolescents and young people in public schools, kindergarten schools and orphanages. The organization also organizes many voluntary activities and events.

Nazrul Sena School 

The organization has also set up a well-known kindergarten school in Mymensingh district called Nazrul Sena School. Established in 1990, the school is directly monitored by the Bangladesh Nazrul Sena. G. E. M Farooq, an active member of the organization, is the founder and current principal of the school. Nazrul Sena School has more than 200 students, 16 regular teachers and 5 staff. The students of this school are busy with their studies as well as engage in various cultural activities such as: singing, dancing, drawing, sports, debates and other activities. The school started providing education through multimedia computers for the first time in Mymensingh district. Every year the school has picnics, educational tours, annual sports competitions, Organizes cultural competitions and annual prizes. Every year students organize a multimedia computer exhibition where they showcase various aspects of their computer skills.

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