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Bangladesh National Nutrition Council


Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) is an autonomous government body responsible for planning and formulating the national food and nutrition policy of Bangladesh . The company is located at Mohammadpur police station in Dhaka . The Prime Minister of Bangladesh ex officio presides over this council.


Article 16 (1) of the Constitution of Bangladesh states that improving the nutritional status of the people and improving public health is one of the duties of the state. The Public Health Nutrition Institute was established in 1984 to carry out this duty . Following this , the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council was formed on 23 April 1975 on the basis of an ordinance issued by the then President of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


The main function of the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council is to play a role in formulating national food policy and nutrition policy. In addition, the organization regularly prepares reports on the nutritional status of Bangladesh. In addition, they conduct various activities to make people aware of food and nutrition. It even provides growth cards to measure children's weight and keep track of their growth .  

The council organizes various seminars, training, workshops and conferences on food and nutrition at national and international levels. In addition to officials from various government and non-government organizations, staff from various international organizations , including the International Center for Diarrhea Research, Bangladesh , also receive training from this organization. In addition, the organization broadcasts various information on food and nutrition on Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television with the aim of creating public awareness . 

In 1994, the organization conducted a national nutrition survey in collaboration with the World Bank.  The first National Nutrition Action Plan was formulated in 1997 at the initiative of the council . Since 1997, the organization has been organizing National Nutrition Week every year at the national, district and upazila levels .The organization also contributed to the formulation of the 2015 National Nutrition Policy and the Second National Nutrition Action Plan for 2016 .

The mouthpiece of the council is the South Asian Journal of Nutrition, which is published twice a year.


The government has restructured the institution at various times. The latest gazette published in 2015 calls for the formation of the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh as President and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare as Vice-President. Its members include Finance Minister, Agriculture Minister, Local Government Minister, Fisheries and Livestock Minister, Primary and Mass Education Minister, Food Minister, Disaster Management and Relief Minister and Minister for Social Welfare, State Minister for Health and Family Welfare, State Minister for Youth and Sports ,State Minister for Women and Children Affairs , Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister, 11 secretaries of various ministries, heads of concerned institutions and 3 nutritionists. 

An executive committee of 35 members manages the council. The chairman of this committee is the Minister of Health and Family Welfare and the vice-chairman is the Minister of State in the same ministry. Besides, there are 19 secretaries, one additional secretary, head of concerned departments including health department, family planning department, BBS. This committee provides advice on nutrition activities, formulates nutrition policies and action plans, and assists in the implementation of nutrition programs in other ministries or departments. 

The Bangladesh National Nutrition Council also has a Standing Committee on Nutritionists. The chairman of this committee is an additional secretary of the health services department. The committee also includes several professors from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Department of Biochemistry and Anthropology, University of Dhaka ; Chairman of the Department of Microbiology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University ; Chairman of the Breastfeeding Foundation and BMDC; Several nutritionists, including the director of the Institute of Public Health Nutrition, Nipsom, Applied Nutrition Research and Training Institute, and the Institute of Food Science and Technology. 

There are 50 officers and employees in charge of the official work of the council. They are led by a director general. At present Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman is holding this post. Under him are 3 directors: director of policy and planning and coordination , director of research, monitoring and evaluation , and director of capacity building and communication . Under them are 6 deputy directors. The Policy and Planning and Coordination Director has two Deputy Directors: one on Policy and Planning and the other on Coordination. The Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation has two Deputy Directors: one for Nutrition Research and the other for Monitoring and Evaluation. Capacity building and communicationUnder the director there is a deputy director. And the Deputy Director of Administration and Finance is directly under the Director General. There are 11 assistant directors under them. Of these, one Assistant Director is working under the Deputy Director of Nutrition Research and two Assistant Directors are working under the rest.

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