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Bangladesh Military Academy


Bangladesh Military Academy is a training center for officers and cadets of the Bangladesh Army , Navy and Air Force . It is affiliated to Bangladesh University of Professionals . It is located at Bhatiari near Chittagong city , in the Chittagong district of south-eastern Bangladesh. BMA was established in 1964 in a place surrounded by mountains and the sea. Each year a summer batch and a winter batch receive commissions in the Army. A gentleman received 3 years of military training at the Military Academy. It requires passing the graduation examination under the National University along with Armament, Map Reading, Physical Skills, Military Tactics and other military subjects. At present Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir is in charge of this academy.


Before the liberation war of Bangladesh, all the military training centers were located in West Pakistan. After independence, Bangladesh Military Academy was first established in Comilla on 11 January 1974 . It was established by the then Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  A line from the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam's rebellious poem, The Ever-Improved Mom Shir, was adopted as the main mantra of the BMA. The academy was shifted to its present location at Bhatiari in 1986. Regular trainingThe program was started in 1986. He passed the first batch of BMA officers and graduated in 1989. Since 1973, it has been used as a training center for the Bangladesh Navy and Air Force.

Environment and natural beauty 

Bangladesh Military Academy is located near the hill. There is also the lake. Moreover, it is beautiful to see when the sun shines on the hill at sunset and sunrise. BMAK is always kept clean and tidy. For this reason, the regular employees clean it.

Administrative structures 

BMA is a self-contained battalion known as the First Bangladesh Battalion. An officer in the rank of Major General or Brigadier General is in charge of the Commandant or Commander and a Colonel is in charge of the Battalion Commander. In addition to the cadet battalion there is a training support company (regular soldiers). The First Bangladesh Battalion (Cadet Battalion) consists of 4 companies, 16 platoons and an additional platoon of short course cadets. The most vigilant cadet of the final term remains as a senior under officer of the battalion. Besides, 4 companies are 4 Bir Shrestha - Jahangir , Rauf , Hamid and MostafaIs named after. Four vigilant cadets in the final term are in overall charge of four companies whose companies are called Senior Under Officers. Besides, Battalion Junior Under Officers are in charge of other activities of the Battalion. Two academic buildings are named after Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman and Bir Shrestha Ruhul Amin . Adjutant of the rank of General Major oversees all activities and discipline of the Cadet Battalion. The cadets of each batch are divided into four platoons and distributed among the companies, with one platoon commander in charge of their military education and one term commander in charge of the entire batch.


BMA currently offers 3-year long courses under the National University . The BMA adopts a three-dimensional training approach, which includes military training, academic excellence, and character building. The academy mainly trains gentleman and gentlewoman cadets for the purpose of getting commissioned in the Bangladesh Army. In addition, the academy provides introductory courses for Bangladesh Public Administration (BCS) officers and pre-commission training for Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) faculty / teacher officers. Long course (Army) cadets graduate from this academy according to the National University syllabus .

Training courses 

The following training programs are followed in BMA:

  1. Long (long term) course - 156 weeks.
  2. BMA Special Regular Course - 23 weeks.
  3. Basic Military Training Course - 23 weeks.
  4. Joint Services Course - 10 weeks (Bangladesh Naval and Air Cadet).
  5. Short Service Commission - 49 weeks.
  6. Graduate course - 49 weeks.
  7. Direct Short Service Commission - 23 weeks.
  8. Potential Platoon Commanders Course - 05 weeks.
  9. Drill Instructor Course - 08 weeks.
  10. BCS Officers Orientation Course Weeks (01 week in BMA) - 05.
  11. Pre-Commission Training - BNCC - 08 weeks.

Training activities 

Strategic Training: This includes lectures, tutorial discussions, model discussions, non-military tactical training, demonstrations and field training exercises on all types of small and large combat operations. The field training exercises are:

A. Exercise Step-1: To increase the physical and mental endurance of cadet / trainee officers by making rapid progress on difficult terrain.

B. Exercise Step-2: To increase the physical and mental endurance of the cadets through faster progress along the cross-country route / terrain.

C. Exercise Comet: To give practical training to cadet / trainee officers on planning, preparation and management of a surprise attack.

D. Pre- practice: Giving practical training to cadet / trainee officers on planning, preparation and operation of ambush or ambush.

E. Exercise Iron Curtain: To impart practical training to the cadets on positional self-defense techniques and operational methods at the company level in the infantry battalion structure.

F. Exercise Strategies: With special emphasis on platoon activities, the cadets at the company level are given practical training on day to day advancement and attack.

G. Exercise Red Horse: To give practical training to the cadets on how to conduct small scale attacks without the supply and assistance of their own forces inside the enemy frontier.

H. Exercise Kashti Pathar: To give practical training to the cadets on how to conduct all types of massive attacks in war.

Weapons training: Provides practical training on various types of weapons handling and management and enhances targeting.

Physical training: Achieving the highest standard of physical skills.

Signal training: Gaining effective knowledge about wireless and signal equipment.

Engineer Training: Gaining basic knowledge in the field of field engineering.

Computer Training: Gaining knowledge of direct computer management including office package - MS Word, PowerPoint and Internet usage.

Educational Training: This training is mainly conducted to prepare the long course cadets to pass the BA / BSc (Pass Course) examinations. In addition, further training aims to improve communication through speaking and writing in Bengali and English, to create awareness of current national, regional and international developments and to expand mindsets and perceptions.
Training Visits: Training visits are conducted for the final term cadets in each term.

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