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Bangladesh Medical Association


Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) is a national organization of medical professionals in Bangladesh . Societies are registered under the Registration Act 160.


In 1958, the doctors of the then Pakistan formed the Pakistan Medical Association. The doctors of East Pakistan were organized through the Pakistan Medical Association (East) regional organization which was renamed as Bangladesh Medical Association in 1971.

Objectives and goals 

The goals and objectives for which this association has been established are:-

  1. To promote medical science and its allied sciences.
  2. Protecting the honor and dignity of the medical profession, and protecting the interests, rights and privileges of the members of the Association, and political responsibilities in national and personal life for professional, ethical, social and professional reasons.
  3. To motivate the members to observe.

  1. To support this profession in protecting the physical and mental health of the people of Bangladesh through the promotion of health education.
  2. To take steps for the development of medical education and related research in Bangladesh.
  3. To maintain cooperation and solidarity among the members of the Association and to establish fraternal relations. Maintain cooperation and solidarity with members of other science and technology organizations and institutions and
  4. To build alliances with these organizations if necessary to build a scientific outlook between the profession and the people.
  5. To increase understanding and closer relationships between physicians and the people they serve.
  6. To provide professional and expert help, advice and co-operation to the physicians in the management and maintenance of the fields of health and medical science education etc. conducted by the government and other organizations.
  7. To provide assistance and cooperation to national and international organizations guided by such goals and objectives.
  8. To provide advice and assistance in the professional development of individuals in this profession, especially those who have just entered the profession.
  9. Providing assistance to disabled persons of the profession and family members of the deceased.
  10. To motivate the members about ethical practice and to provide legal assistance to the doctors in case of need to ensure real public service by providing proper medical services.
  11. The Association will work tirelessly for the betterment of the public health system and, if necessary, will take systematic action to prevent any situation that is against the public interest.

The organizational structure of the 

Its activities are carried out in 8 branches. The organization is managed through central and branch committees.


They also hold doctors' conferences.They also do social work such as distributing winter clothes.

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