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Bangladesh-Kuwait relations


 Bangladesh-Kuwait relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Kuwait .


The Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Salim Al-Sabah visited Bangladesh in 1974. Bangladesh has a resident embassy in Kuwait. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991, Bangladesh sent troops to the United Nations-led Operation Desert Shield to defend Saudi Arabia . Bangladesh also fought in the first Gulf War as part of an international alliance . After the war and in the mine clearing operation, the Bangladesh Army lost 59 soldiers. By 2016, 628 Bangladeshi soldiers had been killed and 152 others wounded in the Gulf War under "Operation Reconstruction of Kuwait" to clear landmines left by Iraqi forces. In March 2016, the two countries signed an agreement to allow holders of each country's diplomatic passports to travel without an entry visa. The Kuwaiti NGO Revival of Islamic Heritage Society was banned in Bangladesh for financing terrorism.

Economic Relations 

In 2000, there were an estimated 2 million Bangladeshi migrant workers in Kuwait. In 2006, Kuwait banned the import of Bangladeshi workers, alleging corruption in the recruitment of Bangladeshi private employers.  In July 2006, 2,000 Bangladeshi workers protested against living conditions and low wages (which was 16 Kuwaiti dinars a month in Kuwait).  Several workers were arrested for protesting, but the Kuwaiti Ministry of Labor agreed to pay a wage of 16 Kuwaiti dinars a month. 
In February 2015, Kuwait again allowed Bangladeshi workers to enter after an eight-year ban; This was done after India imposed new restrictions on the migration of Indian workers to Kuwait. By 2014, the total number of Bangladeshi migrant workers had dropped to 190,000. By 2016, the number of migrant workers had risen to 200,000. In May 2016, the Government of Kuwait agreed to assist the Government of Bangladesh in setting up an oil refinery in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait

Address: 29 St, Kuwait, Phone:+96524913219

Name of Mission:Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Kuwait.
Chancery Address:Khaldiya, Block-2, Street-29, House-11 State of  Kuwait
International phone code:+ 965
Telephone:+ 965-2491-3219 &  + 965-2491-3220 (PABX)
Fax:+965-2491-3205 (Dip), + 965-2491-3203 (Labour)
Web site:,
P. O. Box No.:P.O. Box – 22344 Safat, Code- 13084
Office Time:0800-1600 hrs. (Sunday to Thursday)
Local Time:GMT +3 hrs.
Weekly Holidays:Friday and Saturday
Opening date of the Mission:April 1974

Kuwait Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Address: Road 138, Dhaka.

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bangladesh kuwait relations
bangladesh kuwait relation

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