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Bangladesh-Jordan relations


Bangladesh-Jordan relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Jordan .


Henry Kissinger , a US diplomat , wrote a letter to King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan in 1971, encouraging Bangladesh to take part in the liberation war . President Nixon encouraged Jordan to send military supplies to Pakistan .   61 Nixon, with the permission of ten Jordanian F -104 aircraft and sent him to the United States from the transplantation were promised. The United States also sent military supplies to West Pakistan and drove them through Jordan . Six of Jordan's planes failed to return.

Agricultural Relations 

In 2011, Bangladesh and Jordan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Agricultural Cooperation . According to the MoU, the two countries will "exchange inspections of scientists and engineers in the fields of scientific materials and information and agricultural science and technology, field level expansion, agricultural production and agricultural processing." Under the MoU, Bangladesh and Jordan plan to form a joint working group of experts from both countries to facilitate cooperation in this area.

Economic Relations 

Bangladesh and Jordan have expressed interest in expanding trade and investment. Jordan is one of the largest Bangladeshi labor export markets.  In 2011, Jordan lifted a ban on labor imports from Bangladesh, but the recruitment process was tightened as a result of several cases of sexual harassment of female workers and labor strikes. In 2012, Bangladesh and Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding to monitor migration, ensure the safety of migrants, and reduce immigration costs. In the same year, Bangladesh and Jordan signed a draft agreement to increase trade cooperation. Under the agreement, the two countries will give each other "Most Favored Nation" status and form a joint trade committee. 

Bangladeshi workers in Jordan

 As of 2011, there were about 30,000 Bangladeshis living in Jordan, most of them working in the expatriate industry. 

Bangladesh Embassy in Jordan

Name of Mission:Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Amman, Jordan
Chancery Address:Um Uthaina, Ibrahim Al-Ghozlani Street, Villa no. 07, Amman.
International phone code:+962-6 (Amman)
Telephone:+962-6-552-9192, +962-6-552-9193
Office Time:0800 to 1600 hrs. (Sunday to Thursday)
Local Time:GMT +2 hrs.(Winter)
GMT +3 hrs. (Summer)
Weekly Holidays:Friday and Saturday
Opening date of the Mission:19 October 1998

Jordan Embassy in Bangladesh

Address: 1st Floor, Homestead Gulshan Link Tower, Gulshan Badda Link Rd, Dhaka 1212, Phone: +8801967777788

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