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Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Chatra Dal


Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal  is a student organization of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Dal (BNP). Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal was established in 1989. The main slogan of Chhatra Dal is - | Education | Unity |  Progress |. The head office of this organization is located at Naya PaltanDhaka . Many of those currently associated with BNP politics were associated with the nationalist Chhatra Dal.


When Ziaur Rahman founded the BNP, he felt the need to establish a student organization to build its future leadership. So he established this organization centrally on January 1, 1989. Many young people were inspired by Zia's popularity at that time and joined the nationalist student party.

Kazi Asad convened the Dhaka University and the first committee of the Chhatra Dal was formed on that day. Ziaur Rahman founded the Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 1978.


There are basically 3 student organizations in the grooming ground of the nationalist student party. NAP (Bhasani) student organization Jatiya Chhatra Dal, United People's Party (UPP) student organization Biplobi Chhatra Union and Jatiyatabadi Ganatantrik Dal (Jagdal) student organization Jag Chhatra Dal. The Nationalist Chhatra Dal was formed in the chemistry of these three student organizations with the dedicated efforts of Ziaur Rahman and his student advisor Mustafizur Rahman. The late President Ziaur Rahman was an ardent fan of the oppressed public leader Maulana Bhasani. Just before the formation of the Nationalist Front, Ziaur Rahman went to Tangail to seek the blessings of the Maulana. Ziaur Rahman was given the symbol of his party 'Rice Sheaf' and the student organization Jatiya Chhatra Dal.

The first president of Chhatra Dal was Enamul Karim Shaheed and the next convener and president was Golam Sarwar Milon. Both of them came from Bhasani NAP's student organization Jatiya Chhatra Dal.


Raju killing 

Moin Hossain Raju, the central leader of the Bangladesh Chhatra Union , who led the procession, was killed on March 13, 1992 during the anti-terror procession of the Democratic Student Unity . An anti- terror Raju memorial sculpture was erected in memory of all the victims of the anti-terror movement including Raju .  

Sony killings 

On June 8, 2002, Sabekun Nahar Soni, a Level 2, Term 2 student of Chemical Engineering Department (99 Batch) was shot dead by two groups of students in a dispute over a tender. 

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