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Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management


Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management ( BIBM ) is a national training, research, consulting and educational institute on banking and finance which is jointly owned by all the banks in the country. BIBM was registered under the Societies Act 160, 1974 with the primary objective of training the officers of various banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh. Currently, BIBM Bangladesh is engaged in training middle and senior level officers of working banks  . Over the years, BIBM banking on its training programs, including wide meetings, seminars and round table discussion, to provide training and consulting services related to research and helps banks to appoint them at.

The Board of Directors 

Formerly the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIBM was the Governor of Bangladesh Bank . The members of the board are the managing directors of the domestic banks operating in Bangladesh and the country heads of the foreign banks.

Dhaka School of Bank Management 

BIBM Dhaka School of Bank Management (diesabiema) under the post-graduate level professional education program operates in two  , that is:

1. Masters in Bank Management (MBM) and

2. Masters in Bank Management-Evening (MBM-Evening) Program.

The Masters in Bank Management (MBM) program was introduced in 1997 as a two-year full-time program. The program was initially approved with the National University. However, from the 2012-2013 academic year, it became affiliated to Dhaka University. The objective of the MBM program is to develop the skills and analytical skills required to efficiently manage the operations of banks and financial institutions. The main goal of the program is to increase innovation and creativity in students. BIBM has launched the Masters in Bank Management-Evening (MBM-Evening) program since 2006 mainly for professional bankers. The program was initially affiliated to the National University (as MBM program), but the MBM-Evening became affiliated to the University of Dhaka from the 2012-2013 academic year.

Residential / hostel facilities 

BIBM provides accommodation for participants and students to stay in hostels. There is currently a six-story dormitory building, with a total of 150 seats, including separate blocks for female participants and students. Double and single-seat rooms are uniquely designed and equipped with modern furniture equipped.

Other benefits 

BIBM has provided adequate facilities for the participants and students to play both outdoor and indoor games like football, badminton, volleyball, cricket, carom, table tennis etc. There are also leisure time watching television, reading newspapers and magazines.

BIBM Hostel at a glance 

  • Six-storey dormitory building with 150 accommodation facilities.
  • Separate blocks for female participants.
  • Each house is very neat and clean and maintains the condition very strictly.
  • A nice seating area with magazine and magazine stands on each floor.
  • The entire hostel building and adjoining area are under WiFi facility.
  • Cybercafe
  • Gym and sports room
  • TV room
  • A large prayer house
  • Room for study and discussion and
  • Two dining halls are air-conditioned ,

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