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Bangladesh-India border


The Bangladesh-India border, regionally called the International Boundary (IB), is the current international border between Bangladesh and India , which demarcates the eight divisions of Bangladesh and the states of India.

Bangladesh and India share a 4,156 km (2,562 mi) long international border, the fifth longest land border in the world, including Assam 272 km (183 miles  ), Tripura  656 km (275 miles) and Mizoram  180 km ( 110 miles), Meghalaya  443 km ( 285 miles) and West Bengal 2,217 km (1,38 miles). the territory of the country as well as in the provinces maimansingha , Khulna , Rajshahi, RangpurSylhet and Chittagong. How many pillars are marked between the two states? There is a barbed wire fence on both sides of the slightly demarcated area. Boundaries have been simplified by signing a land boundary agreement on May 8, 2015 with the approval of both India and Bangladesh.


The Radcliffe Line was  published as a demarcation line between India and Pakistan during the partition of India on 16 August 1947 . The architect of this work was Sir Cyril Radcliffe , who was the chairman of the Border Commission and impartially divided 175,000 square miles (450,000 sq km) of land out of a population of 86 million.


The BDR (now BGB) commander is examining the dead soldiers at the border

The border is used as a smuggling route from India to Bangladesh for cattle, food, medicine and drugs. Also, illegal immigrants cross the border from Bangladesh to India. Because a large number of illegal intruders have crossed the border into India from Bangladesh, Indian border checkpoints have implemented a controversial show-off policy.The policy was adopted to report violence between the Indian Army and illegal infiltrators.In 2001, notably, the Indian Border Security Force and Border Guards Bangladesh engaged in small - scale fighting, as evidenced by the border.  

In July 2009, Channel 4 News reported that the BSF had killed hundreds of Bangladeshis alongside the Indo-Bangladeshi fence . The BSF claimed that the main purpose of the fence post was to prevent illegal infiltration and cross-border terrorism .In 2010, Human Rights Watch (HRW) submitted a 71-page report alleging numerous abuses by the BSF. The report is taken from BSF torture victims, witnesses, BSF members and their Bangladeshi counterparts.From The report says that in the first decade of the 21st century, 1000 Bangladeshi citizens have been killed. HRW says the BSF has not only killed illegal intruders or smugglers, but also innocent people who have been seen nearby, sometimes even those who are working on land near the border (agricultural land). 

Last home of Bangladesh , TamabilSylhet , Jayanti Pahar Resort, Bangladesh-India border

The Bangladesh government accused the BSF of forcibly entering Bangladesh territory and firing indiscriminately along the Indo-Bangladesh border. It is a retaliation for the massive illegal infiltration from Bangladesh and the beginning of the barbed wire fence between India and Bangladesh. At a press conference in August 2006, BSF authorities admitted that they had killed 59 illegal immigrants (34 Bangladeshis, 21 Indians and the rest unidentified) who had tried to cross the border in the previous six months.Bangladeshi media have reported that BSF abducted 5 Bangladeshi children aged 8 and 15 from Haripur upazila of Thakurgaon district in Bangladesh in 2010. The children came to fish near the border. In 2010, Human Rights Watch reported that border guards had killed randomly. On January 8, 2011, BSF killed and hung Felani (a 15-year-old Bangladeshi girl) hanging from a fence. 

There have already been many conferences between India and Bangladesh on smuggling and illegal entry, cattle smuggling, drugs and illegal arms shipments, BGB Colonel Muhammad Shahid Sarwar has given a list of miscreants to the Border Security Force, which has taken place in India, and the BSF. The list has been handed over to BGB.

Maritime boundary

India and Bangladesh, with different perceptions of their maritime boundaries and exclusive economic zone, engaged in eight rounds of bilateral negotiations since 1974, which remained inconclusive until 2009 when both agreed to undergo arbitration under the UNCLOS. On 7 July 2014, Arbitration Tribunal resolved the dispute in Bangladesh's favor, which was amicably accepted by both sides, thus ending the dispute.Dispute also included South Talpatti (also called "New Moore"), a small uninhabited offshore sandbar which emerged as an Island in the aftermath of the Bhola cyclone in 1970, and disappeared around March 2010.

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