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Bangladesh Geographical Society


Bangladesh Geographical Society (BGS) is a formal organization for geographers. It is a national institution. Bangladesh Geographical Society was established in February 1955 under the name "East Pakistan Geographical Society". The council was inaugurated by the eminent English geographer Sir Dudley Stamp.

Details and activities 

From the very beginning, the Council has been making significant contributions to the advancement of geography and the growth of geographical knowledge in the national economic development. The main objective of this council is to promote and enrich geography. The important work of these councils is the publication of the bi-monthly research journal Oriental Geographer, the management of a reference library and the organization of regular national geographical conferences. The council also undertakes research, discussion meetings, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, observations, publications, etc. The headquarters of Bangladesh Geography Council is located in the Department of Geography, Dhaka University. At present there are four types of members of this council. These are: donor members, honorary life members, life members and general members. Also the research journal "Oriental Geographer" of this council in the country and abroad. (Oriental Geographer) has more institutional members in the center. The magazine has been published by this council every January and July since 1958.

The council has also started publishing another Bengali language magazine under the name "Geography and Environment". This magazine is published twice a year.

In memory of Professor Nafis Ahmed, the founder of Bangladesh Geography Council, it has been decided to give the Council Nafis Ahmed Memorial Award to the best meritorious student of the Post Graduate Final (M.Sc.) Department of Geography of Dhaka University on a regular basis every year. The Rizvi Memorial Award was given to the best student of the honors class of Dhaka University in the memory of AH Rizvi. Although there are no paid researchers here, financial support and library facilities are also provided to council members and student researchers. The council has its own library, which preserves research books and journals on geography and related subjects at home and abroad. The library is open on working days for members of the council to use. Others may use the library subject to permission.


The council is funded mainly by members' contributions and the sale of Oriental Geographer's Magazine. The council also raises funds from other sources, including some regular annual grants from Dhaka University, irregular grants from the government's Ministry of Science and Technology  .

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