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Bangladesh Film Development Corporation


Bangladesh Film Development Corporation ( also known as FDC ) is a semi-autonomous government agency under the Ministry of Information Bangladesh . It is the heart of the film industry in Bangladesh. About three thousand full-length films have been released so far with the help of this organization. Currently SM Harun-ur-Rashid is the Managing Director of the Corporation.


On 26 March 1956, the then Industries Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangabandhu, later Prime Minister and President of independent Bangladesh) introduced the 'East Pakistan Film Development Corporation Bill, 1956' in the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly . On 3 April the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly passed a bill establishing the 'East Pakistan Film Development Corporation'. The law came into force on June 19, 1956. No films were released in Bangladesh in 1958 and 1956. From 1959, films were made from FDC. The first chairman and executive director of the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation were Abul Khair (1958-58) and Nazir Ahmed (1956-62) respectively. 

After the independence of Bangladesh, the name of this organization was changed to "Bangladesh Film Development Corporation".

Notable places 

  • Zaheer Raihan Color Lab
  • Freedom fighter Jasim Floor
  • Shiris floor
  • Shower spot
  • Manna Digital Complex


It is governed by an eight-member board of directors with public and private representatives. The Secretary of the Ministry of Information is ex-officio its Chairman. The chief executive of the company is the managing director. There are about 450 officers and employees under this corporation.

According to the law of the Film Development Agency, its functions include:  

  1. Lending to any person or organization for film production and establishment and maintenance of the studio
  2. Lending to a person or organization to build a film studio
  3. Set up your own studio and provide the opportunity to use the studio for rent
  4. Preparation and submission of government plans for the development of film industry and small scale industries, including related research projects
  5. Import of cinematographs, film and other equipment and other necessary raw materials for use in filmmaking
  6. Provide loans to film exhibitors for purchase of projectors and accessories

The corporation has 9 shooting floors (currently 6 in use), 14 decoration rooms, 12 shooting units, 3 sound theaters, laboratory for color and black and white films, 15 editing machines, optical machines, film cameras, various types of lighting, back projection devices, There are ponds, artificial lakes, gardens etc. [4] In addition, the company films , films produced and distributed to participate in the training courses organized for new artists to look, film of the festival and seminars, international film festival for the film sort of, a foreign film festival to participate in the National Film Award Committee , Participates in Film Censor Board, Film Grants Committee and Film Policy Making Committee, conducts various activities including publishing.

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