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Bangladesh Development Research Institute


Bangladesh Development Research Institute ( BIDS) is an autonomous research institute in Bangladesh that conducts research on the development policy formulation and implementation of Bangladesh.


The first institutional form of such an institution was the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics or PID, which was established in June 1956 in Karachi . This was the ancestor of BIDS. Pied moved to Dhaka in December 1971 and was renamed the Bangladesh Institute of Development Economics . Later, in February 1974, it was renamed as Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies . Then it was called the Board of TrusteesIt is registered as an autonomous body managed by the government and the process is completed at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Planning. Like BIDS, there were two other organizations whose objectives and activities were very similar. The two organizations are The Population Study Center, which was merged with BIDS in 1982, and the National Foundation for Research on Human Resource Development.Which was amalgamated in 1983. At first, regular budgets were allocated to meet the expenses of the organization. But in 1973 the government changed this policy and set up a regular fund to ensure that all recurring expenses of the organization were met. As a result, the organization no longer has a budget dependence that allows it to enjoy much more autonomy than before. At present most of the expenses of the organization are met from this. The organization also receives financial support from some foreign donor agencies and foundations.

বাংলাদেশ উন্নয়ন গবেষণা প্রতিষ্ঠান (বিআইডিএস)
Agency overview
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)
TypeAutonomous (Public Body)
JurisdictionMulti-disciplinary Social Research
HeadquartersE-17, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207
Employees140 (Posts=197)
Minister responsibleAHM Mustafa Kamal, Planning Minister
Agency executiveK.A.S. Murshid, Director General
Parent agencyMinistry of Planning, Bangladesh

The purpose of 

This institute has certain objectives; These are:

  • Encouraging the study, research and dissemination of knowledge in development economics, population theory and other social fields related to national policy-planning for development and public welfare.
  • Collection of data for planning and formulation of policies, preparation of data, conducting research and research projects and implementation of plans and programs.
  • Provide training and other facilities in economics, development related issues, demography and other social sciences for the purpose of overall development.
  • Provide all kinds of information and necessary advice on modern research techniques and methods on the above mentioned fields.


The Director General of BIDS has a Chief Executive . He was given full support by a secretary. This secretary serves as the secretary of the board of trustees of the organization. There are several committees for the management of BIDS-

  • There are three statutory committees whose role is to play an influential role in decentralization of administration and to share work with BIDS.
  • Central Administration Committee of BIDS
  • Advisory Committee which consists of Fellows. Its job is to guide the planning and implementation of the institute's professional programs.
  • Policy Co-ordination Committee so that eminent professionals work. Senior Fellows are selected on the basis of merit improvement and are appointed to this committee for thirty years by the Board of Trustees.

Research Division 

BIDS has a total of five research departments. The head of each department is nominated from among the members of that department. The Heads of these Departments are appointed by the Policy Co-ordination Committee for one year. 

There are five categories:

  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Department of General Economics
  • Department of Human Resource Development
  • Department of Industry and Physical Infrastructure
  • Department of Population Research

However, after conducting research in one department, the researchers of one department can also take part in various research activities and activities under another department. The institute has a total of 6 research posts approved by the Board of Trustees out of which 53 posts have been filled so far.

The members and researchers of the research department get immense support from the officers and employees of other departments. Other departments include administration, accounting, library, publishing and computer. However, the most important of the other branches is SRDF . The full expression of this is - Special Research and Development Fund (Special Research and Development Fund) or Special Research and Development Fund . The source of income of this fund is the net savings of BIDS research project income. The purpose is to provide financial support to research activities conducted by BIDS researchers. However, even after such cooperation, if there is money left in the fund, it is used for the purchase of books in the library and for the infrastructural development of the organization.


The BIDS library has about 140,000 books, journals and microchips. The library provides various services for its users including public awareness, copying, inter-library book exchange. The library conducts exchange programs with 400 local and foreign organizations. It receives many papers and journals through its own publications.


BIDS publishes a quarterly journal called The Bangladesh Development Studies . It is of international repute and publishes articles and research papers of renowned researchers from home and abroad.

Bangladesh Development Survey is a journal published in Bengali. In this, the research works of the institute are published for the general public.

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