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Bangladesh Department of Archeology


The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh is a state agency of Bangladesh. The agency maintains and regulates the state's archeological monuments in accordance with the Archaeological Act of 1974. Activities have been conducted from the headquarters at Agargaon in Dhaka since 2005. The chief executive of this department is called the director-general.


In 181, during the British rule, this organization was started under the name of Archaeological Survey of India. After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, its office was established in Dhaka . In 1973, through divisional reorganization, regional offices were established in 4 divisions including the head office in Dhaka. Besides, there are 20 archeological museums in the department. The department works to restore history and preserve and exhibit renovated architectural structures through the discovery of ancient cultural symbols scattered in remote areas of the country.

Activities of Department of Archeology

The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh works on the maintenance of archeological monuments in Bangladesh, including compiling a list of them. At present (June 2018) there are 501 preserved antiquities under this department. Notable among them are Mahasthangarh , Mainamati , Paharpur Buddhist Monastery , Sitakot Monastery , Kantjir Temple , Chhota Sona Mosque , Sixty Dome Mosque , Vasubihar , Bihar and Barbazar , Lalbagh Fort . Among them, Paharpur Buddhist Monastery and Sixty Domes Mosque have got the status of World Heritage Sites . 


At present there are a total of 20 museums under the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh. 

Dhaka Division:

Rajshahi Division:

Rangpur Division:

Khulna Division:

Chittagong Division:

Barisal Division:

  • Sher-e-Bangla Sriti Museum

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