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Bangladesh Customs


Bangladesh customs are The head of the customs agency.


After the independence of Bangladesh through the Customs Act, the Bangladesh Customs Department was formed in 1972 under the National Board of Revenue. In 2016, the Bangladesh Customs Department commissioned an operation called Operation IRENE to stop the illegal trafficking of arms and drugs.


Organization structure 

The Bangladesh Customs Department usually collects three types of taxes, the department works under the National Board of Revenue. The other two companies are VAT and income tax . The Customs Department is responsible for planning, formulating, implementing and periodically reviewing and reconsidering various issues. Some of its main activities:

  • Duties and tax collection at the import stage,
  • Security, domestic industry
  • Trade liberalization,
  • Trade facilities,
  • Prevention of smuggling ,
  • Prohibited products, narcotics and harmful purposes for national security, and
  • Prevent money laundering

The customs department monitors the activities of the customs stations and provides instructions and explanations to the office. Offices under the Customs Wing implement policies formulated by the NBR, collect duties and taxes at the import stage, enforce relevant laws and regulations enacted by other border agencies, and ensure trade facilitation. There are six customs stations in Bangladesh under the Bangladesh Customs Department (ChittagongDhaka, Mongla, ICD KamalapurBenapole and Pangaon), two Customs Bond Commissionerates (Dhaka and Chittagong), one Customs Detective and Investigation Department, and another Customs Evaluation and Internal Affairs. There are commissions and several functional land customs stations.

The Chairman is the highest decision-making authority in the NBR, and the basic functions of the Customs Wing are overseen by four members. Members' locations are:

(1) Member (Customs: Policy);

(2) Members (Customs: Exports, Bonds and IT);

(3) Members (Customs: Audit, Modernization and International Trade); And

(4) Member (Customs: Administration).  

Detective Branch The Bangladesh Customs Department has an Intelligence Intelligence Department that works to curb related crimes, including smuggling. Customs tax evasion in the country, with 016 cars bought and sold operations for the recovery to begin, the World Bank and the United Nations and various international organizations, such as buying a complaint against an officer is working.

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