Friday, 4 December 2020

Bangladesh Copyright Office


 Bangladesh Copyright Office is a quasi-judicial body responsible for copyright management at the national level in Bangladesh, located in Dhaka , the capital of Bangladesh .


The Copyright Office was established in 1982 to register ownership of intellectual property. Although there was a regional copyright office name during the transition period, it was renamed Bangladesh Copyright Office in 1971 after the independence of Bangladesh. The Copyright Office is a quasi-judicial institution. Its functions are governed by the Copyright Act 2000 (as amended in 2005) and the Copyright Rules 2006. The four main functions of this office are: 

1) to provide copyright registration of creative intellectual property;

 2) Assist the Copyright Board in resolving appeals; 

3) Conducting task force operations to stop piracy and 

4) Acting as the focal point of the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

The copyright office registers literary works, plays, music works, record works, works of art, film works, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, computer-software works, etc. The financial rights of intellectual property are transferable. Registering copyright makes it easier to preserve the moral and financial rights of creation. While copyright registration is not mandatory under the law, a copyright registration certificate can be used in a wise court as evidence if there are legal complications with the ownership of the creative work . Copyright Office Bangladesh always provides sincere services.


After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the Regional Copyright Office became the present National Copyright Office. It is a department under the Ministry of Culture.The office has been criticized for failing to coordinate with the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, both of which are responsible for protecting intellectual property in Bangladesh.  It is very easy to apply for copyright on the office's website.

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