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Bangladesh Civil Service


The Bangladesh Civil Service (abbreviated as BCS ) is the civil service of the Government of Bangladesh . It originated from the former Central Superior Service of Pakistan , which was the successor to the Indian Civil Service controlled by the British Empress during colonial rule . Since independence, it has been known as Bangladesh Civil Service by the Civil Service Ordinance. Its principles and board of directors are determined by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission . The number of BCS cadres is 26.


This part of the civil bureaucracy is a colonial legacy. The British ruled the local population through the Indian Civil Service (ICS) and most of the ICS officers were British. It was in the early twentieth century that the Indians also began to compete against the British and most Indians built it in the ICS. In the partition of India in 1947, the term 'Central Superior Services' was used in Pakistan and the concept of All-Pakistan Service continued. After gaining independence in 1971, the Bangladesh Civil Service was formed by a law of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to develop the system of government in the nascent country.

On 13 November 2016, on the recommendation of PSC, the Ministry of Public Administration merged the economic cadre with the administration cadre and published a gazette. As a result, the number of BCS cadres has been reduced from 26 to 26.


There are 14 general and 12 professional / technical cadres, a total of 26 cadres.  

General cadre

  1. Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration)
  2. Bangladesh Civil Service (Ansar)
  3. Bangladesh Civil Service (Audit and Accounting)
  4. Bangladesh Civil Service (Cooperative)
  5. Bangladesh Civil Service (Customs and Excise)
  6. Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning)
  7. Bangladesh Civil Service (Food)
  8. Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign)
  9. Bangladesh Civil Service (Information)
  10. Bangladesh Civil Service (Police)
  11. Bangladesh Civil Service (Post)
  12. Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Transport and Commercial)
  13. Bangladesh Civil Service (Tax)
  14. Bangladesh Civil Service (Commerce)
  15. Bangladesh Civil Service (Economic) (now defunct)

Professional cadre

  1. BCS (Roads and Highways)
  2. BCS (Public Works)
  3. BCS (Public Health Engineering)
  4. BCS (Forest)
  5. BCS (Health)
  6. BCS (Railway Engineering)
  7. BCS (Livestock)
  8. BCS (Fisheries)
  9. BCS (Statistics)
  10. BCS (Technical Education)
  11. BCS (Agriculture)
  12. BCS (General Education)

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