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Bangladesh Chemistry Society


Bangladesh Chemical Society or Bangladesh Chemistry Society is an organization of chemists.


In 1972, Mokarram Hussain Khundkar founded the Bangladesh Chemical Society. The founding members included professors from Rajshahi University , Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Bangladesh Scientific and Industrial Research Council . The aim of this organization is to impart chemistry education and research to chemists and chemical technologists of Bangladesh and to improve the quality of industry and technology production and their overall welfare. It organizes conferences and seminars with chemists. The Society publishes an annual academic journal and awards notable research papers to Bangladeshi chemists.


The Bangladesh Chemistry Society is headed by a 31-member executive committee consisting of 22 elected and 9 ex-officio members. Bachelors in Chemistry and three years of experience in the job, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and postgraduates in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and related fields are eligible to be members of the association.


Bangladesh Chemistry Society has been formed with certain goals and objectives and works for that purpose. E.g.

  1. Improving, expanding and enhancing the quality of education and research in chemistry, chemical technology and related fields in Bangladesh;
  2. Protect the interests and dignity of chemists working in various industries and institutions, increase coordination, interaction and cooperation between universities, research institutes and industries in the country and abroad;
  3. Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, sessions, workshops, etc. to increase knowledge and application of chemistry through publication of articles, reports, periodicals and magazines, to highlight national and professional issues related to it;
  4. Awarding prizes for outstanding contributions to the study and research of chemistry, chemical technology and the chemical industry, awarding fellowships for selected research projects for higher degrees;
  5. Establishment of its own library on books, journals, magazines and related matters related to chemistry for the convenience of members and other interested persons;
  6. Build collaborations with various government and non-government organizations, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and act as advisors and consultants;
  7. Ensuring quality control in various chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  8. Helping to develop more chemical industries in the public and private sectors based on local raw materials and indigenous technology;
  9. Encouraging and assisting in the adoption of research projects in the field of chemistry, especially in the field of innovation, introduction, adoption of appropriate chemical technologies, processes and production materials,
  10. To formulate a charter of rights for professional chemists working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  11. Providing advisory services for job creation of emerging chemists and creating job opportunities for consulting senior chemists;
  12. Creating and expanding opportunities for higher education and training of professional chemists at home and abroad and
  13. To build cooperation with ingenious and professional associations at home and abroad with common goals and objectives in the interest of national and regional development

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