Saturday, 5 December 2020

Bangladesh-Bulgaria relations


Bangladesh - Bulgaria relations to Bangladesh and Bulgaria bilateral relations means. The relationship between the two countries has been seen as a friendly one willing to further strengthen relations with both the nations. Bulgaria was one of the few countries that recognized Bangladesh immediately after independence in 1971 .


Agriculture , technology and cultural activities are all possible means of advancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.In 2014, Bangladesh and Bulgaria signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Foreign Office Consultations for regular discussions between the two governments on mutual cooperation.

Economic Relations 

Bangladesh and Bulgaria have shown mutual interest in expanding bilateral economic activities between the two regions and are working towards this goal.Bangladeshi-made garments, leather and jute products, ceramics and medicines have been identified as huge potential in the Bulgarian market.The readymade garments, textiles , energy, petroleum, leather, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and agro-processing industries have also been identified as potential areas where Bulgarian entrepreneurs can invest.

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