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Bangladesh Army Aviation Group


Bangladesh Army Aviation Group is the aviation branch of the Bangladesh Army . This unit manages all the aerial operations of the Army and is responsible for setting the outline for all types of Army operations, recruitment and other functions of the Army.



CASA C 295W of Bangladesh Army Aviation Group .

On January 1, 1986, the unit was launched as Army Aviation Flight . In the beginning, the Army Aviation did not have its own pilot training system. At that time Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority came forward to train Army Aviation pilots. The two Bell 205 helicopters donated by the Iranian government in 1986 were Army Aviation's first aircraft. On September 6, 1989, the unit was upgraded to Army Aviation Squadron . By 15 July 1980, the unit was upgraded to the strength of the Regiment and renamed the Army Air Regiment . In 1982, four Cessna 152 aircraft were added to the regiment, which was the first stationary wing aircraft of Army Aviation. One in 1983Piper PA-31 aircraft were purchased which were mainly used for VIP transport. On November 26, 1995, the unit was renamed Army Aviation . Later, three Bell 206 helicopters and a Cessna 206 aircraft were added to the force . On March 20, 2012, the force was renamed the Army Aviation Group .


At present Army Aviation has a manpower of 204 including 30+ pilots. Members of any corps of Bangladesh Army can join this unit through necessary qualifications and proper training. Under the Forces Goal 2030 , the Army Aviation Group, like all other forces and units, is undergoing modernization and expansion. This includes Army Aviation , modern aircraft and helicopters such as Eurocopter AS365 , MI-161SH and Casa C295 . Six Diamond DA40 training aircraft have recently been procured from Austria , four of which have already arrived in the country. 

On March 2, 2020, a new base was inaugurated at Lalmonirhat Airport , the second base of Army Aviation after Tejgaon Airport . The base has specialized infrastructure for Army Aviation Training Center, Army Aviation Training School .  

Army Aviation Maintenance Workshop 

This unit is responsible for the maintenance of Army Aviation aircraft. Initially, the maintenance work of Army Aviation aircraft was done by the manpower of Bangladesh Air Force. Later the army set up a separate maintenance unit with their own manpower.


Cessna 206 aircraft of Bangladesh Army

A Bell 206 helicopter flying

Fixed wing aircraft
Casa C 295SpainTransportationW.
Cessna 207United StatesTransportation
Cessna 152United StatesTraining / Utilities
Diamond DA 40AustriaTrainingNGIn 2 orders
Eurocopter AS365FranceUtility
Bell 207United StatesTrainingL.

Modernization plans for the future 

The Government of Bangladesh has undertaken a restructuring plan for the Army Aviation Group. According to this plan, the new name of Army Aviation Group will be Army Aviation . The total manpower of the unit will be increased from 204 to 604 people. By 2021, the number of aircraft used by Army Aviation will stand at 26. Army Aviation Engineering Workshop of 490 manpower will be formed by restructuring Army Aviation Maintenance Workshop of 146 manpower . An aviation directorate will also be set up in the army. 

Army Aviation plans to add another Casa C295 transport aircraft to its fleet . In addition, six more MI-161SH helicopters will be added to the fleet by 2021 . There are plans to add attack helicopters to the Army Aviation fleet in the near future.

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