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Bangladesh-Arakan army clash


The Bangladesh-Arakan border clash took place on 25 August 2015 in Bandarban district near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in the wake of the Arakan Army's attack on members of the Border Guards Bangladesh.

Bangladesh-Arakan army clash

Date: August 25, 2015  
Location : Bangladesh-Myanmar border 
Results : Victory of Bangladesh
The warring parties
 Bangladesh Arakanese forces
The unit involved
Symbol of Bangladesh Armed Forces.svg Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Air Force BDR
Casualties and damage
1 injured8-20 injured,1 arrested,2 horses killed


The clash started on August 25, 2015 at 9:30 am local time near Barmadak village in Thanchi. A five-hour gun battle ensued when the Arakan Army attacked a ten-member BGB patrol patrolling the Bar Mad near the Sangu River. Upon learning of the conflict, the Bangladesh Border Guard declared a state of emergency on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Authorities sent one unit of the BGB and two units of the Bangladesh Army to conduct a coordinated operation to strengthen the area.

On the same day, Border Guards Bangladesh, Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force launched a joint operation against Arakan Army. Two Army, one BGB and one Bangladesh Air Force F-7 took part in the operation. At the request of the Bangladesh government, the Myanmar government closed the border seal.

Earlier, the Arakan Army besieged and cordoned off the BGB outpost in Bar Madak. But after the deployment of Bangladeshi troops, the rebels withdrew from the area. On the other hand, between August 25 and 26, the Army and the local police conducted a joint operation for several hours.


Naik Zakir Hossain of Barkadam BOP was injured during the gunfight. He was rescued from the area and airlifted to the Combined Military Hospital in Chittagong. The Arakan Army lost two of their horses during the exchange. According to local sources, eight to twenty Arakanese rebels were wounded. After the clashes, the Bangladeshi joint forces arrested Aung Wang Rakhine, a Burmese national who was an ally of the Arakan Army, in Rajasthali Upazila. He was accompanied by an Arakan Army uniform, a laptop, a digital camera, a motorcycle and two horses.   Two more were arrested in the following days. The day after the clash, BGB Director General Major General Aziz Ahmed and Home Minister Asaduzzaman KhanVisited the battlefield. In a statement, the Bangladeshi home minister said the joint operation would continue until the Arakanese forces were repressed.

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