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Bangladesh Ansar


Bangladesh Ansar and VDP is a force formed for the internal security, law enforcement and protection of Bangladesh. It is managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh . Ansar is an Arabic word meaning person who helps and especially those who help the emigrants who migrated from Mecca to Medina with Muhammad (pbuh) . At present this force consists of three forces. They are General Ansar, Battalion Ansar, Village Defense Force (VDP) respectively.

Bangladesh Ansar
Monogram of Ansar and VDP forces.svg
Active(1947 – present)
CountryPakistan (1947–1981) Bangladesh (1971 – present) 
TypeInternal security , law enforcement
SizeAbout 5,740,000
Garrison / HeadquartersDhaka , Bangladesh
AnniversaryMarch 26
ToolsThree Knot Rifle, Shotgun, 6.62mm Semi Automatic China Rifle
WarsBangladesh's war of independence
Decoration1. The best of the heroes. Bir Uttam3. Bir Bikram4. The symbol of heroism
Director GeneralMajor General Kazi Sharif Kaikobad 


The stated missions of Ansar are:

To assist Government or Any Authority under Government in matters of Public Security  

To take part in any public welfare activities as per the Government's instructions to improve socio-economic conditions of the country.

To assist Law Enforcement agencies in metropolitan and industrial security.

To assist Bangladesh Armed Forces in national defense during war; 

To provide security to national VIPs, CIPs and diplomats as per the Government's instructions.

To take part in any disaster management activities as per the Government's instructions.

The members of Ansar also participate in education expansion programs, tree plantation, population control, women's empowerment, and sanitation activities


During the partition of India in 1947, some members of the Indian Guard, who later became citizens of Pakistan, withdrew from there and formed the Ansar force. In 1948, East Pakistan by the laws of the Ansar Ansar forces in East Pakistan Ansar formed as the second in February 1948 and officially emerged.

 Freedom of the East 

During Bangladesh's war of independence in 1971, most Ansar members joined the Awami League-led Liberation Army as guerrilla members to fight against the Pakistani army. After the independence of Bangladesh, the Ansar Air Force was reorganized by Bangladesh law. The government of President Ziaur Rahman nominated the Ansar Bahini as the people's defense force , emphasizing the role of the Ansar Bahini .

Change the name 

Recently, the proposal to change the name of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP forces to Bangladesh National Guard is being reviewed.


Bangladesh Ansar publishes monthly, quarterly and bi-monthly publications from VDP Academy .

  • A monthly reporting magazine or magazine titled Prevention .

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