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Bangladesh Administrative Service


The Bangladesh Administrative Service (BAS) is the premier civil service cadre of the Bangladesh Civil Service, and it formulates and implements policies for the Government of the People's Republic Bangladesh Administrative Service

In field administration (outside the central government ministry), BAS officers hold senior administrative positions in eight departments and their sub-levels.

The senior post of BAS is held by the Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh , and he is considered as the Chief Officer of the Cabinet Division and as a Senior Civilian Officer of Bangladesh.


All private officers are appointed by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission at a single entrance level, which is considered to be the most competitive examination in the Bangladesh Civil Service Examination. The Bangladesh Administrative Service has taken and achieved the most.

The first post of all new officers is initially given as Assistant Commissioner (Land) in Field Administration and then the most committed officer is transferred as Assistant Secretary in Central Administration. There are usually more promotions at present and senior assistant secretaries in the ministry.


In the ministry or department, they mainly serve as Assistant Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, Secretary and Senior Secretary. They are responsible for setting and implementing policies. They perform four types of work mainly as clerk, administrative, communicative and financial.

Field Administration 

In field administration, a member of the Bangladesh Administrative Service has played two different roles since the beginning of his career: Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate . They exercise executive magisterial powers to the extent prescribed by the government. According to Section 10 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898, a Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Senior Assistant Commissioner ( Upazila Executive Officer ) and Assistant Commissioner are the Executive Magistrates of the field administration. In addition, under sub-section 10 (5), if necessary, the government may delegate powers to any member of the administration cadre as an executive magistrate through deputation. Such as Executive Magistrate of Bangladesh Road and Transport Authority (BRTA), City Corporation, Ports, Airports etc.

Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy 

Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy (BCSAA) is the primary training institute for all new BCS (Administration) cadre officers. 

President: Helaluddin Ahmed, Senior Secretary, Local Government Department and Secretary General: Sheikh Yusuf Harun, Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration . Usually the association arranges an annual meeting every year where the Hon'ble Prime Minister attends as the chief guest.

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