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Asiatic Society of Bangladesh


Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a non-political and non-profit research organization. The Asiatic Society of Pakistan was established in 1952 . When Bangladesh became independent in 1972, its name was changed to Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Mr. Ahmed Hasan Dani , a world renowned Archaeologist and Archaeologist played a pivotal role in the establishment of this institution . Others among the founders are: Mr. Mohammad Shahidullah, ABM Habibullah, Abdul Halim, and many more. The founders wanted it to serve as a research institute specifically for Asia .The society is housed in Nimtali,Old Dhaka

The society's publications include:

  • Banglapedia, the National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh (edition 2, 2012)
  • Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh (2010, 28 volumes)
  • Cultural Survey of Bangladesh, a documentation of the country's cultural history, tradition and heritage (2008, 12 volumes)
  • Children’s Banglapedia, a three-volume version of Banglapedia for children
  • History of Bangladesh (1704-1971) (3 volumes)

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Sir William Jones, the then Judge of the Calcutta High Court , founded an organization called The Asiatic Society on 15 January 184  to study the people and nature of Asia . He envisioned the establishment of an association to conduct systematic research on Asia in general and South Asia in particular, and Jones' proposal to establish a regular body for the study of Oriental Studies received strong support from other Fort William colleagues. 1784 On January 15 Thirty like-minded European personalities met in a meeting of the Grand Jury of the Calcutta Supreme Court and accepted Jones' proposal to establish an Asiatic Society. The organization was named The Asiatic Society and was elected the first president of William Jones. 

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