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Transport in Bangladesh

  Bangladesh's transportation system is an important component of the country's economy. Since the independence of Bangladesh , the infrastructural development of the country has progressed at a rapid pace, and at present multiple communication systems have been established by land, water and air. However, no significant progress has yet been made in the country to ensure the introduction of all nature transport systems.


Bangladesh's transportation system is changing. The situation we see now has changed over time. The system of Bangladesh There are many differences between the past and the present and there is a possibility of massive development of the transport system of Bangladesh in the future as well.


Bangladesh's transport system was very weak in the past. In the past, the main means of transportation was river and road. The main vehicles of the past were bullock carts, horse carts. We had to walk long distances because there were not enough roads. The river was easy and fast to navigate. River paths were used most of the time in the past.


At present the transport system of Bangladesh has improved a lot. Paved roads have also been constructed in remote areas of the country. With the development of transportation systems, anything can be easily moved from one place to another in the country. The number of machine driven vehicles has increased. Transportation costs have been relatively low in Bangladesh's transportation system.


Considering the differences between the past and the present, one can get a clear idea about the future of the transport system in Bangladesh. The pace at which the transport system of Bangladesh is developing suggests that in the near future, Bangladesh will become a country of advanced transport systems.

Way to the ground



With the development of the economy, the number of vehicles in Dhaka has increased tremendously. Noise and disturbances on the roads due to extra vehicles. Dhaka City Corporation , Capital Development Authority, Transport Management Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh are working to solve the problem created on the road. The government of Bangladesh took new practical steps to develop the transport system.



Rail is the second main mode of transport by land. Every day thousands of people and goods are transported by rail. It is very popular among the people as the risk is less on the railways. The size is more and the predominance of railways in transporting heavy things is more. The railway system of Bangladesh originally came from the British-run 'Assam-Bengal' railway in 1947. Since independence in 1971, rail transport has been on the rise. By 2005, 2,706 km of railways had been expanded and work was still underway.

Water way 

Being a riverine country, water was the main mode of transportation in ancient Bengal. The country has 5,150 to 6,048 km of waterways, of which 2,575 to 3,057 km are suitable for general transport and 1,600 to 1,900 miles for watercraft. The main seaport of Bangladesh is Chittagong.


Bangladesh has not made much progress in the air transport system, but development work is underway. Airports have been set up in some parts of the country. The cost of air travel is so high that ordinary people cannot travel on it.

Problems and Possibilities 

Every country has some or the other problem in the transport system, Bangladesh is no exception. Bangladesh is lagging behind in the transport system due to several reasons.


  • Deterioration of road ghats

  • Lack of education

  • Error of regulator administrator

  • Bribery corruption

  • Relative love

  • Indifference to the law

If necessary steps are taken to solve the above problems, the transport system of Bangladesh will be improved.

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