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Local government in Bangladesh


There are three levels of local government in Bangladesh .  There is no local government at the first level of administrative unit division. The second level administrative unit is local government at the district level (district councils in 64 districts), upazila councils at the upazila level and union parishads in rural areas, municipalities in small town areas and city corporations in large cities. At present, seats are reserved for three women members in the local government body, which was introduced in 1987 by the Ziaur Rahman government. Local Governments of Bangladesh are - 

  1. District Council

  2. Upazila Parishad 

  3. City Corporation / Municipality / Union Parishad

In addition to the district councils in the three hill districts of Bangladesh, there are also hill district local government councils. The work of district councils and hill local government councils is different.

District Council 


The Zila Parishad is a unit of the local government system in Bangladesh, which operates at the district level of the three types of local government system that exist in the state. Its head is the chairman of the district council and this organization works in 6 sectors.

Upazila Parishad 

Upazila Parishad is a single part of the administrative system of Bangladesh . . An Parishad elected by the local people in charge of the administration of an upazila is called an Upazila Parishad.

Union / Municipality / City Council 

Union Parishad or Union is the lowest administrative unit in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Unions were formed in 180 under the Village Chowkidari Act 180 when the initiative was taken to form some rural organizations. Under this Act, a union was formed with a number of villages for the purpose of introducing guard patrol systems in each village. The detailed directions for the formation of the Union are given in the second and third paragraphs of the Bengal Chowkidari Manual. Through the development of this process the idea of ​​a local government unit was created. In the early stages, its role was limited to security activities, and later it became the primary unit of local government. There are currently 4554 unions in Bangladesh.  


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