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Fauna of Bangladesh


Based on an incomplete report, there are about 1600 species of vertebrates and about 1000 species of invertebrates in the fauna of Bangladesh . Vertebrates consist of about 22 species of amphibians , 707 species of fish , 127 species of reptiles , 727 species of birds and 113 species of mammals .  invertebrates including 30 species of animals jabapoka , 0 species of bees , 178 species of beetles , 135 species of fly , 400 species of spiders , 150 speciesLepidoptera , 52 species of decapod, 30 species of cooped, 2 species of starfish and some species of sand dollars, sea ​​cucumbers and sea ​​rabbits . Bangladesh has a wide range of ecological conditions, long coastlines, many rivers and their tributaries, lakes, haors , baors , ponds and other types of wetlands, lowland tropical nature, almost evergreen forests, mountain forests, evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, wetlands and long grasslands. , Has confirmed the diversity of different species found in the country.  However, the additional population, Unplanned urbanization and expansion of agriculture and industry are having a significant impact on the ecological structure of Bangladesh. As a result, several species have become extinct and many more are endangered. 

Invertebrate animals 

There are about one thousand species of vertebrates recorded so far in Bangladesh. 16 species of bees have been found. Their class is the bee which consists of 11 species. The rest include 4 bees, 2 bumblebees and only the stingless bee species Trigona fuscalatiata . 

There are a total of 35 species of scarab dung beetles under 6 genres. The most common genus is Esophagus . Another 30 species of leaf-eating scarabids are found. Lady Birds has about 93 species of which 70 are beneficial. 20 species of fireflies have also been found in the country. 

The most common indoor flies include houseflies, stable flies, blue bottle flies, green bottle flies and meat flies. Common outdoor flies include black fly flies, deer fly, horse fly , hoverfly, crane fly, and a few masked ones. There are also some 113 species of mosquitoes , the most common of which are Anopheles , Culex , Aedes , Mansonia , Psorophora and Haemagogus . 

More than 400 species of spiders are found under 1300 genera, and 22 families. The largest family is Arenaidae, consisting of about 90 species. 

About 124 species of butterflies have been discovered. Most species in the north - east and south - east region live.  In addition, as some species of moth , the most commonly snout moth, rice yellow insect Majra , cilo palicripasasa , siena iphalokesisa medinalis , "akhra nudalisa, skipophaga nibhela liukin dasa arbonalisa , and sapharata.  

There are many species of fresh and marine freshwater crabs, shrimps and lobsters in Bangladesh. 4 species of freshwater and 11 species of sea crabs have been discovered. The most commercially exploited species in the coastal region is the Cycla serrat (soil crab). At least two species of King Crab are found in coastal areas. About 10 species of freshwater shrimp and 19 species of marine shrimp were collected. Six species of lobsters are found to occur in the Bay of Bengal , Panulirus polyphagus and Thenus orientalis being the two most commercially important species. Two species of the freshwater genus Starfish have also been recorded out of 20 Daphnia copepod species. 



Includes about 1,700 species of vertebrates. Fish contain the largest number of species among them. Of the 707 species of fish, 442 are marine and rest are freshwater and freshwater . Marine fish are divided into 18 orders and 123 families. Their species includes 56 cartilaginous fish and 38 bone marrow . There are 71 families of 28 species of domestic fish. Of these, Cyprinidae is the largest, with 71 species. There are also 55 species of catfish in the freshwater of Bangladesh.  

Anura Order species are included in the amphibians of Bangladesh . Recognized as 6 threats from 22 amphibian species .The number of reptile species found was 126, including 109 and 18 marine species. The 109 underlying reptiles include 2 crocodiles, 21 turtles and tortoises, 16 lizards and 6 snakes . Marine reptiles have 12 snakes and 5 turtles.  

There are 626 species of birds in Bangladesh under 16 categories and there are 6 families including 26 Passeriformes . The resident species have a total of 36 (including 181 passerines) and 70 families under 337 orders, the remaining 240 species (including 105 passerines) under 10 orders and 33 families are migratory. The mammals of Bangladesh are composed of 11 species of domestic mammals and 35 families and three species of marine mammals under the order Cetacea.  


So far, most of the animals have become extinct in Bangladesh and another 201 species are under threat. This Ramakutta is also called the wild dog of Asia. This species is now endangered by the loss of habitat and prey animals and human cruelty . Notable animal species that have become extinct in Bangladesh are the large single-horned rhinoceros , the Asian two-horned rhinoceros , the gaur , the bonteng, the marine deer , the nilgai , the Indian wolf, the wild water buffalo , the marsh crocodile and the common flower. The majority of the human population lives in or around large cities and this has helped to limit some forestry. However, its growth rate is steadily increasing and this has created greater demand on the environment and subsequently led to the clearing of numerous natural habitats. Although several areas are protected under the law, a large portion of Bangladeshi wildlife is under threat as a result of this increase.

In 2016, conservationists surveyed in the far-flung, little-known Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh photographed the country's first sun bear and gaur . In addition, the team captured images of Himalayan sero, Asian golden cat , sambar deer , barring deer, cheetah cat and ramkutta . Locals in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, led by conservationists, led a new population of Arakan forest turtles. Once extinct, critically endangered species were only captured for survival in neighboring Myanmar.

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