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Driving licence in Bangladesh


The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority ( popularly known as BRTA ) is the only authority to issue driving licenses in Bangladesh.  Under the Motor Honda Ordinance 1983, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications, the BRTA regulates this activity in a special process by 63 administrative circles located in 32 districts and approves any person wishing to ride a motorcycle. In order to provide this, the authority issues a license to an applicant if it deems it capable of complying with certain rules and has passed the driving test for riding a motorcycle.

To apply for licenses 

BRTA states in accordance with Section 3 of the Motor Honda Ordinance 1983 :  

Everyone must have a driving license to drive a motor vehicle in a public place. A student must have a driver's license before the driving test can be obtained in order to obtain a driver's license. Application for student's license to be submitted to the licensing authority in the prescribed form along with the relevant documents and fees. An applicant must be able to read and write in Bengali or English without being a foreigner. The successful candidate for the driving test has to submit the application in the prescribed form to the licensee along with the relevant documents and fees.

Chapter 4 further states that the minimum age for applying for a non-professional license should be 18 years and for a professional professional application it should be 20 years. So no one under the age of 18 can drive a motor vehicle in Bangladesh and it cannot be a profession for anyone under the age of 20.  

The vehicles are divided into seven categories namely H ( heavy ), M (medium), L ( light ), C ( motorcycle ), T (three-wheeler), P (PSV) and X (other).  


Any law enforcer including the police, Rapid Action Battalion, Armed Police Battalion  or military personnel in special duties are authorised to ask for a driving licence if that specific driver is found to violate or being subjected to violation of any of the traffic or other laws while driving a vehicle. However, only the police are authorised to seize the licence and other authorisation documents of vehicles and then file cases against the violators if necessary. The licence can be held to be given in exchange of specific fines or can be permanently seized as per the laws.


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