Saturday, 28 November 2020

Chief Justice of Bangladesh


The Chief Justice of Bangladesh is the head of the judiciary in Bangladesh . In other words, he is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh . He has also served as the chief executive during various crises in the country.

Recruitment process 

Article 94 of Chapter VI of the Constitution of Bangladesh sets out the legal provisions for the establishment of the Supreme Court and its continuation describes the process of appointing the 'Chief Justice of Bangladesh'.

Article 94 (1) of Chapter VI of the Constitution of Bangladesh states that 'Bangladesh shall have a Supreme Court of Bangladesh called the "Supreme Court" and shall consist of the Appellate Division and the High Court Division. " Article (1) of this section states, "The Chief Justice And the Supreme Court shall be constituted with as many other judges as the President may require for the appointment of seats in each division "; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be called the" Chief Justice of Bangladesh ". Judges appointed to the Chief Justice and the Appellate Division shall hold seats only in that division and other judges in the High Court Division only. ”Article 4 states that“ the Chief Justice and other judges shall be independent in the performance of their duties subject to the provisions of the Constitution. ” 

Article 47 (3) of the Constitution states, "The President shall act in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister in discharging all his other duties except in the case of appointment of the Prime Minister only in accordance with Article 57 (3) of the Constitution and the appointment of the Chief Justice in accordance with Article 95 (1)."

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